De Caro and the Girolamini Thefts – Official Note of Protest of ILAB

Since spring 2012 the issue of the massive thefts in the Girolamini Library and other Italian libraries had kept busy both the Italian Justice and ILAB. The latest developments in this case – the arrest of the Danish dealer Christian Westergaard and the confiscation of eleven books out of his stock – gives ILAB no other choice as to announce an official note of protest. This note will be sent to officials in both the Ministry of Culture of Italy and the Ministry of Justice of Italy, and it will be spread out to librarians, journalists, and the public worldwide. Read it here and spread the news!

De Caro and the Girolamini Thefts – Letter to the Presidents of ILAB's Member Associations

"I am very sorry to be the bearer of bad news which are related to the thefts at the Girolamini-Library and Marino Massimo de Caro. It is known that De Caro had stolen from at least five other libraries: Montecassino, Naples Municipal Library, Ministry of Agriculture Library, a Seminary in Padua, and the Ximines Observatory Library in Florence ... We should therefore no longer talk about the Girolamini-Issue but the De Caro-Issue." Recent news, related by ILAB President Norbert Donhofer.


In mid-April 2014 the Austrian antiquarian bookseller Norbert Donhofer was elected ILAB President. In an interview with Bettina Führer he talks about recent challenges of the international antiquarian book trade and his plans for the upcoming two years of his presidency. Read it!


Have you ever wondered what ILAB is all about?  The answers are to be found in a recent issue of Sheppard’s Confidential, featuring an article by Norbert Donhofer.


The world’s expert antiquarian booksellers - in 1 book! ILAB is pleased to announce that the next edition of the ILAB Directory will be published in January 2015. Same as the preceding edition, it will be produced by ILAB with the advertising revenues covering all costs. Advertising rates have remained unchanged and are extremely reasonable.


"Digital knowledge preserved for the future" - The BSB as one of the largest research libraries in Europe administers a digital long-term archive which stores websites of scientific relevance and makes them available to the public via the OPAC catalogue. Now, the ILAB website has been archived by the BSB. Open your browser, click on the OPAC catalogue and search for: ILAB.



Shaken, not stirred ... ILAB officially presented the 16th ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography to Jon Gilbert, author of: Ian Fleming. The Bibliography (Queen Anne Press 2012). The official ceremony took place during the 25th ILAB International Antiquarian Book Fair on Saturday, 12th April, noon, in the orchestral area of the Grand Palais.


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  • Antiquariat Düwal

    Antiquariat Düwal

    Berlin-Charlottenburg - GERMANY

    Specialties: Art, Autographs, History, Literature, Modern first editions, Philosophy

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  • Atlas sive Cosmographicae Meditationes de Fabrica Mundi et fabricati figura....


    Bookseller: Lynge & Søn A/S

    Atlas sive Cosmographicae Meditationes de Fabrica Mundi et fabricati figura. Denu
    Amsterodami (Amsterdam), Iodocus Hondius, 1613. Folio (48

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    Price: 1000000.00 DKK

  • British Salmonidae. 2


    Bookseller: Lynge & Søn A/S

    British Salmonidae. 2
    (Edinburgh, 1839-41). Elephant-folio. In the two original half-calf-folders with green leather-spines and pattern-stamped cloth boards; gilt title... More

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    Price: 500000.00 DKK

  • Habitus praecipuorum populorum, tam virorum quam foeminarum singulari arte...

    [AMMAN, Jost] / [WEIGEL, Hans]

    Bookseller: Martayan Lan, Inc.

    Habitus praecipuorum populorum, tam virorum quam foeminarum singulari arte depicti. Trachtenbuch darin fast allerley und der furnembsten Nationen die heutigs tags bekandt sein.

    Folio [31 x 20 cm], (4) ff. [including colored frontispiece], 219 plates (of which 210 are colored), (1) ff. Bound in contemporary blind-stamped... More

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  • New Englands Prospect. A true lively, and experimentall description of that...

    WOOD, William (1580-1639)

    Bookseller: Donald Heald Rare Books

    New Englands Prospect. A true lively, and experimentall description of that part of America, commonly called New England: discovering the state of that Countrie, both as it stands to our new-come English Planters; and to the old Native Inhabitants. Laying downe that which may both enrich the knowledge of the mind-travelling Reader, or benefit the future Voyager
    London: Printed by Tho. Cotes for Iohn Bellamie, 1635. Small quarto. (7 1/16 x 5 1/2 inches). 1 folding woodcut and letterpress map. (Map close... More

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  • Online Archive of the John F. Kennedy Collection

    The archive at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum (Boston, MA)   includes thousands of historical papers, documents and images:  irreplaceable records of the struggle for Civil Rights, the conflict with the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War, the efforts to land a man on the moon, the prevention of a nuclear catastrophe during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and American art and culture in general.

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  • In Memoriam Menno Hertzberger (1897 - 1982)

    In Memoriam Menno Hertzberger (1897 - 1982)

    For Menno Hertzberger the addition 'Internationaal' to his firm's name was not just an embellishment: From the very beginning onwards his business was internationally orientated, and it aimed for a wide public of bookcollectors, librarians and fellow-dealers. As early as 1921 Menno held his first auction-sale and he soon became known as an important auctioneer as well. The growth of the firm necessitated a move to larger premises and in 1935 the firm's new address became Keizersgracht 610 in Amsterdam, a large and elegant house along one of the famous canals. Menno Hertzberger, the Father of the League, died in 1986. Bob de Graaf's obituary characterizes him as a truly international antiquarian bookseller and a man with a vision: to unite dealers worldwide under one roof, the ILAB.

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  • Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - Petermanns Geographische Mittheilungen

    Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - Petermanns Geographische Mittheilungen

    If you want to collect first editions of travel narratives, first mentions of certain places or peoples, or if you are simply interested in the fascinating explorations made in the second half of the 19th and early 20th century, you should look into: Petermanns Geographische Mittheilungen.

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  • David Batterham: Among Booksellers

    David Batterham: Among Booksellers

    For thirty five years  bookseller David Batterham has been making buying trips abroad and describing his adventures in letters to artist Howard Hodgkin. He was looking for trade catalogues , fashion magazines and  other illustrated journals but his colleagues  interest him almost as much, seen in their homes and shops.  The  visitable bookseller, a vanishing breed, is here immortalised.

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  • Chelsea, November 2012 - All the Fun of the Fair

    Chelsea, November 2012 - All the Fun of the Fair

    And indeed it was fun last week at the Chelsea Book Fair.  Over eighty exhibitors, fabulous books, huge attendance figures, smiling faces all round and very healthy sales. Slight disappointment that the record sales of the first day didn’t quite carry through to the Saturday – but a large sale or two made or not made, reported or not reported, can (as always) so easily distort the picture.  Still pondering over whether one figure in a crabbed hand read £1,500 or £7,500 (only the lower figure included in the totals).  But make no mistake, this was a hugely successful fair – well advertised, excellent press coverage, outstanding sales for some exhibitors.  Leo Cadogan and his team, supported to the hilt by Marianne Harwood, the rest of the ABA staff, and exclamation! pr are to be thoroughly congratulated – all the more so as Leo had a fraught week trying to get back from storm-tossed New York in time for the opening.

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  • Antiquarian Booksellers in Exile – William Salloch (1906-1990)

    Antiquarian Booksellers in Exile – William Salloch (1906-1990)

    The seizure of power by the Nazis in 1933 was a decisive event in the world of book collecting. Numerous dealers and collectors – among them the most famous of the trade – were murdered by the Nazis. Those who survived were forced to close their companies and to hand them over to the Nazis. Ernst Fischer’s biographical handbook "Verleger, Buchhändler & Antiquare aus Deutschland und Österreich in der Emigration nach 1933" reconstructs the biographies of all German and Austrian booksellers, publishers and auctioneers who emigrated from Germany after 1933. The International League of Antiquarian Booksellers is proud to publish some of the most impressive stories told in Ernst Fischer’s book on its website. Part 2 of the series of 25 booksellers' biographies is devoted to William Salloch.

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