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  • [+] More Herman H. J. Lynge & Søn – The First Antiquarian Bookshop in Scandinavia 

    Herman H. J. Lynge & Søn – The First Antiquarian Bookshop in Scandinavia
    Published since 20 Dec 2010

    Herman Henrik Julius Lynge (November 13, 1822 - May 12, 1897) was a Danish antiquarian bookseller. He continued and owned the first antiquarian bookshop in Scandinavia, now “Herman H. J. Lynge & Søn A/S”. Lynge was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, as the son of a bookbinder. At a very young age, before he was even confirmed, he began his apprenticeship as a bookseller, and the shop in which he took his education was carefully chosen by his father, Henrik Berndt Lynge. His master was Christian Tønder Sæbye (1789-1844), who had started his bookshop, initially a second-hand shop focusing on books, in 1821 on Gothersgade 26. After his apprenticeship, Lynge continued to work in the company, and when Sæbye died in 1844, the young man, only aged twenty-two, took over as manager of the bookshop, which was still owned by the Sæbye family. In 1853 Lynge was able to buy the shop from the family at the price of 1,000 rix-dollars, and at the same time he took out a trade licence as a bookseller. In the first years the cholera was harrying Copenhagen, and Lynge is said to have done great business at the time due to the large number of private libraries offered for sale; he was the only proper “antiquarian bookseller” in Denmark, and he often spited the danger of infection and personally collected the large number of books in the homes of the ill.

  • [+] More Scandinavian Antiquarian Book Fair 2011 at Copenhagen’s Beautiful Round Tower 

    Published since 01 Dec 2010

    The Scandinavian Antiquarian Book Fair 2011 will take place in Copenhagen, organized by the Danish Antiquarian Booksellers Association. The Scandinavian Book Fair alternates between Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen, and in 2011 the pleasure of hosting it befalls Copenhagen. It will take place from the 24th of November till the 26th of November, in the heart of Copenhagen, in one of Denmark’s most beloved and admired buildings, which every weekend attracts several thousand visitors in itself.

  • [+] More Poul Jan Poulsen, Honorary Member of the Danish Antiquarian Booksellers Association (ABF) 

    Poul Jan Poulsen, Honorary Member of the Danish Antiquarian Booksellers Association (ABF)
    Published since 26 Nov 2010

    Congratuliations! For his outstanding efforts and commitment to the antiquarian book trade, Poul Jan Poulsen - ILAB Treasurer for more than two decades - has been elected honorary member of the Danish Antiquarian Booksellers Association (ABF), as the only still active bookseller ever, and as the third in the entire history of ABF, which was founded in 1920. During the 90 years that ABF has been in existence, Poul has done more for the association than any other member. For many, many years, he has formed the back-bone of ABF, which would hardly be imaginable without him.