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Scandinavian Antiquarian Book Fair 2011

November 24-26, 2011

at Copenhagen’s Beautiful Round Tower

It is a great pleasure for The Danish Antiquarian Booksellers Association (ABF) to be hosting the annual Scandinavian Antiquarian Book Fair which alternates between Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen, and which this year takes place in the centre of Copenhagen, in the old Library Hall of one of our greatest and most famous buildings, The Round Tower.

44 antiquarian booksellers from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, and Hungary will showcase rare and beautiful books, prints, autographs and manuscripts from all subjects and all centuries.

>>> Exhibitors' List

The Round Tower

The Tower was built by Christian IV between 1637 and 1642 as part of the Trinitatis complex uniting church, library, and observatory in one single building. The old library room, in which the book fair will take place, was the first university library in Denmark and the place where all the books of the university were kept from 1657 till 1861, when the collection was moved to larger premises.

Book Fair Programme

The idea behind the Scandinavian book fair 2011, apart from promoting the antiquarian booktrade and gathering as many antiquarian booksellers as possible in the wonderful surroundings of the Round Tower, is to attract attention to all aspects of the book. Therefore, this year’s fair will also include a number of additions to the regular booths, all with the aim of creating a public interest for the book as an object, book production, book craft, the history of the book, the importance of provenance, and related aspects.

There will be a number lectures by various experts (on the history of the book, library history, aspects of collecting books, etc.), exhibitions by private collectors, and a number of workshops set up to attract attention to the “equipment” of the book. There will be a number of working book binders, a booth with paper-cutting and bookplate-drawing, a booth showing how to make marbled paper, and a paper-repair booth. Connected to these workshops will also be exhibitions of book bindings, bookplates, papercuttings and marbled paper.