First Mentors announced for the ILAB Mentoring Programme

ILAB has recently launched the ILAB International Mentoring Programme. This programme aims to help young or recently launched booksellers throughout the world by offering support and counsel on a one to one basis.
The ILAB International Mentoring Programme gives experienced booksellers the opportunity to lend a hand in the early days of a bookseller’s career when help is likely most needed. ILAB would like to thank the booksellers who have listed in the programme for agreeing to act as mentors for our next generation in the rare book trade!

The experience and expertise of the booksellers listed below speaks for itself.  All are volunteering their time as prospective mentors for newer entries in the antiquarian and rare book trade.

To see the updated list of mentors, please go here


56th Stuttgart Antiquarian Book Fair  
27-29 January 2017  

The 56th Stuttgart Antiquarian Book Fair, organised by the German association Verband der Antiquare and under the auspices of ILAB, is the 2nd oldest antiquarian fair in Europe.

It is the most important event for antiquarians, autograph and print dealers in Germany and the first major event in the new year for the international antiquarian book trade and book collector. 

Over 72 antiquarian businesses have registered for the 2017 fair, dealers from Germany, the UK, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

For visitor information, exhibitors and highlights, please go here

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The Franco-American Museum of Blérancourt - Guest of Honour at the 2017 Paris Salon International du Livre Rare

The organisers of the 2017 Paris Salon International du Livre Rare and the French association Syndicat National de la Librairie Ancienne et Moderne (SLAM) have just announced the Guest of Honour of the 2017 Salon. 

Unique in France, the Franco-American Museum of Blérancourt is dedicated to the transatlantic relationship and was founded by Anne Morgan, daughter of the American banker and collector Pierpont Morgan... 

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The 17th ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography will be awarded in 2018 and is one of the most prestigious prizes in the field of bibliography. 

Writers, publishers, librarians, journalists, scholars, antiquarian booksellers, book collectors and all who are interested in bibliography and the history of the book are invited to submit books to the 17th ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography. 

View the most recent submissions here

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  • 31st Antiquaria Ludwigsburg

    26 Jan 2017 - 28 Jan 2017

    31st Antiquaria Ludwigsburg

    The 31st Antiquaria Ludwigsburg will start one day before the Stuttgart Antiquarian Book Fair and can be reached within 10 minutes from Stuttgart. Over 50 exhibitors offer beautiful and...

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    56th Stuttgart Antiquarian Book Fair (VDA)

    27 Jan 2017 - 29 Jan 2017

    56th Stuttgart Antiquarian Book Fair (VDA)

    The first event of the bibliophile year: For years the Stuttgart Antiquarian Book Fair has been attracting dealers and collectors from all over the world to the elegant "Kunstverein" in the...

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Rare Book Gallery


    AYERS, John.


    A MAJOR SET WITH STUNNING CHROMO-LITHOGRAPHIC PLATES Geneva 1968- - 1974, Baur. Brown cloth, very good, 176 color,858 b.w. photo plates, 4 volume... More

    Buy from:

    Price: 11289.00 USD

  • Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.


    Bookseller: Athena Rare Books ABAA

    Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.
    Kegan Paul Trench Trubner & Co., London 1922 - Half title + TP + [5] = Note page + 7-189 + 1 blank leaf + 1-10 = Advertisements, Octavo. First... More

    Buy from:

    Price: 12000.00 USD

  • Collection of original vintage photographs.

    Arabian Horses at the Hungarian National Stud].

    Bookseller: Antiquariat INLIBRIS Gilhofer Nfg. GmbH

    Collection of original vintage photographs.
    Bábolna, c. 1885. - 11 vintage photo prints (ca. 90 x 120 mm, but one 105 x 170 mm) on backing cardboard (20 x 25 cm). Highly uncommon photographs... More

    Buy from:

    Price: 9500.00 EUR



    Bookseller: Glenn Books, ABAA, ILAB

    O. Cowdery and Co. For P.P. Pratt and J. Goodson, Kirkland, Ohio 1837 - Corners rounded, front cover creased. Small piece missing from top corner... More

    Buy from:

    Price: 50000.00 USD

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  • Bibliographies - Numerals

    Online: Roman numerals  - Roman numeral year dates - Roman numerals - Ecclesiastical Calendar - Shin Hanga Date Translation 

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  • Investing in Books – Rare Books as Investments?

    Investing in Books – Rare Books as Investments?

    „There are fields of collecting in which you hear stories of someone who spent $5 at a flea market on an item that turned out to be worth $5 million. Book collecting is not one of those fields. a multimillion dollar Shakespeare First Folio up for auction gets a lot of attention. But for most collectors, books represent a stable, long-term investment. It’s a rarefied pursuit, one that can be financially rewarding if you have the necessary expertise, diligence, and patience. …  Ask a dealer if books are a wise investment strategy and the short answer is no.” John Moore has found more elaborate answers in his article “Investing In Books: Safe Returns Between the Covers”. He has asked John Windle, Rebecca  Rego Barry, Thomas Joyce and other dealers to determine the real value of a rare book.

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  • A Bookseller’s Adventure in Europe: Part 2

    A Bookseller’s Adventure in Europe: Part 2

    Had to get to Budapest in time for a Committee cocktail hour and dinner with the Hungarians and found that plane travel from Amsterdam directly to Budapest one way cost over $900. I kept waiting for a cheap flight to open up but the cheap airline serving Budapest went bankrupt the week before I made reservations. I finally flew LOT airlines, which is the main Polish carrier. I was served up many a joke by my friends about my chances of arrival in Budapest but they were all totally wrong. The flight to Warsaw and then on to Budapest went without a hitch. We were warned to be very careful taking the taxi from the airport to the hotel and only sign up with legitimate taxis. (This reminded me of Prague.) I found the right one who charged me in the Hungarian currency of Forint (they are part of the Euro zone but have not adopted the Euro). We met that evening with the Hungarian booksellers’ association for a “let’s get acquainted” dinner and had a welcome speech from Adam Bosze, their President, in perfect English and a passionate speech by the dean of Hungarian booksellers, Lajos Borda, in Hungarian. It was a very pleasant beginning.

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  • The Best Lack All Conviction. Part 1

    The Best Lack All Conviction. Part 1

    For some reason (and this is what I’m thinking about, not how people don’t understand me and I must run off and play some Smiths), people are happy, ecstatic even to buy a car, or a watch, or a vase or a pair of shoes for enough money to feed me for six months … but when they look at a book; they don’t see it. It doesn’t say “You want me. I’m your treasure.” It doesn’t make them not want to eat for six months so they can own it ... Apart from feeling like I’d failed slightly, as if I’d somehow let down my vocation by not being able to represent it properly (a recurring theme), it occurred to me that my world is an arrogant one in many respects. Rare book people can often be like teenagers in love, they’ll burn the world down for the objects of their desire. Which made me ask; why? Why are we like this?

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  • Highlights of the London International Antiquarian Book Fair Include Literary Legends from Sherlock Holmes to the Great Gatsby

    Highlights of the London International Antiquarian Book Fair Include Literary Legends from Sherlock Holmes to the Great Gatsby

    A First Edition of F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and E.M. Forster’s personal copy of The Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T.E. Lawrence (otherwise known as Lawrence of Arabia) are among the gems that will be on sale at the 56th London International Antiquarian Book Fair. The Fair, which will again be held in the National Hall at Olympia (London W14) from Thursday, 13th June to Saturday, 15th June, 2013 has more than 180 exhibitors, who are travelling in from all corners of the globe.

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  • How to Begin Collecting Economists

    How to Begin Collecting Economists

    Over the course of history, the economy - and all the surmising and projecting and studying it requires - has given rise to some of the most remarkable works of human-thought. Economists in every generation provide a fascinating breadth of work and ideas. Today, we’d like to explore a couple of famous economists as well as some ideas for collecting economy-based works. A basic list of economists that merit our attention can be formed from a quick glance throughout history. These individuals punctuate the economic landscape of their times with their thought-processes, philosophies, and recommendations. So without further ado, we give you some noteworthy economists, and their contributions, to add to or to begin growing your economic collection.

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