Once again in 2016! This video is a record of an extraordinary series of events – which were really one big event. Speed dating for booklovers: On 23 April 2015 ILAB booksellers brought the books to the people at the most unexpected places, in schools, at train stations, pubs, schools, museums, libraries, woolsheds, business clubs, in the streets, on boats, on skyscrapers. For 24 hours they were part of a great chain of books spanning across the world. It was an amazing experience! >> on the blog  >> on the website


The 42nd ILAB Congress and 26th ILAB International Antiquarian Book Fair will be organized by the Hungarian Antiquarian Booksellers' Association. More information coming soon. See the video on YouTube, learn more about the Congress Programme and visit the official website.



The 17th ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography, worth 10.000 $, will be awarded in 2018 to one or more books published in any language between April 2013 and April 2017. The jury will admit all publications relating to bibliography in a very broad sense. The books can be submitted latest by the end of April in 2017 by sending a copy to the Prize Secretary Fabrizio Govi.


The ILAB Directory gives easy access to information on the almost 2.000 ILAB booksellers that are experts in their chosen fields and stand behind the ethical standards of ILAB. In this new electronic world you will find this expertise an essential part in making your buying experience a pleasant one. Download the PDF, or get a printed copy at the ILAB book fairs.


A global "ILAB School" without borders: The International League of Antiquarian Booksellers offers internships to students and beginners in the rare book trade who wish to widen their knowledge through practical learning and to plug into the worldwide network of antiquarian bookselling.

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    49th California International Antiquarian Book Fair (ABAA)

    12 Feb 2016 - 14 Feb 2016

    49th California International Antiquarian Book Fair (ABAA)

    "Even if you are not a collector, if you have ever read a book, it's a place to go to find out what you haven't read, or just what you haven't seen or didn't know exists." Tony...

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  • 21. Antiquariats-Messe Zürich

    04 Mar 2016 - 06 Mar 2016

    21. Antiquariats-Messe Zürich

    The only antiquarian book fair in Switzerland, with around 40 exhibitors from Switzerland and abroad. 2016 will be a very special event: the Zurich Antiquarian Book Fair will celebrate the DADA...

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  • Oslo Peace Accords Photograph, Signed

    CLINTON, Bill

    Bookseller: Historicana

    Oslo Peace Accords Photograph, Signed
    Washington DC 1993 - Photo of Oslo Accords Signed by Clinton, Rabin, Arafat(OSLO PEACE ACCORDS BETWEEN ISRAEL AND PLO) Photograph in color of... More

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    Price: 9500.00 USD

  • Renati Des Cartes Principiorum Philosophiæ Pars I, & II, More Geometrico...

    SPINOZA [Benedict].

    Bookseller: Athena Rare Books ABAA

    Renati Des Cartes Principiorum Philosophiæ Pars I, & II, More Geometrico demonstratæ Accesserunt Ejusdem Cogitata Metaphysica.
    Johannem Riewerts, Amstelodami [Amsterdam] 1663 - TP + [i]-[vii] = Præfatio + [viii] = Ad Librum + [ix]-[xiv] = Index + 1-90 + [91] = half-title _... More

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    Price: 12500.00 USD

  • Collection of 81 Installments of Presage


    Bookseller: Harper's Books

    Collection of 81 Installments of Presage
    Liechtenstein / Paris / Switzerland: Egaserp Etablissements / Société d'Editions de Mode / Studio Galfetti - Fontana 1962-1978 - First Editions.... More

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    Price: 25000.00 USD

  • Le Bain de la Comtesse"]. Pencil, ink and watercolour drawing, signed...

    Shepard, Ernest, English artist and book illustrator (1879-1976).

    Bookseller: Antiquariat INLIBRIS Gilhofer Nfg. GmbH

    Le Bain de la Comtesse"]. Pencil, ink and watercolour drawing, signed ("Ernest H. Shepard") lower right.
    N. p. o. d. - 305:508 mm, mounted on cardboard. Fine, large horizontal watercolour picturing a noble lady nude in the bathtub under a parted... More

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    Price: 7500.00 EUR

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  • Books about Books: A History of Oak Knoll Press, Part 15: Our Greek Friend

    Books about Books: A History of Oak Knoll Press, Part 15: Our Greek Friend

    Anthony (and his wife Jean) and I went back a long way in the book business starting with the day he helped me purchase the remaining inventory of Deval and Muir. He was a Past President of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association (England) and was on the Committee and eventually President of ILAB. He often counseled me on the politics of this group and mentored me in every way he could. A dinner with Jean and Anthony (don’t dare call him Tony) was always full of great food, great wine, and charming talk. He tried to keep me from being too aggressive in my plans for carrying forward my ILAB agenda and sometimes I listened and acted in accord, and sometimes I didn’t. None of this affected our good feelings and trust for one another. We also published his autobiographical Books in the Blood (Bib. #179) in 2002, which is an excellent read.

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  • The Final Chapter of Books about Books: New beginnings for Oak Knoll

    The Final Chapter of Books about Books: New beginnings for Oak Knoll

    In early 2006, however, John told me that it was time for him to retire. I had known this time would eventually come (though I had been hoping he would work into his 90s!). But when he talked about the books he wanted to write and the travel he wanted to do, it was hard to come up with a convincing argument for postponing retirement. I then had to make yet one more decision. I was going to turn 60 in February of 2007, so perhaps it was time to think about slowing down and eliminating some of the stress in my life. I knew that my stress level could only increase once John had gone, as he was going to be hard to replace. My time at the beach house was so relaxing that I could visualize a lighter work load with more vacation time. I loved reading and collecting (especially in the field of Delaware history). Was this the time to sell the publishing business?

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  • Rare Books in the Press: The Death of the Book

    Rare Books in the Press: The Death of the Book

    The book is dead, murdered by the internet and buried with a Kindle on its coffin … Or not? The death of the book is not a modern phenomenon, says Ben Ehrenreich in the Los Angeles Review of Books: “Nor is it new to point out that people have been diagnosing - and celebrating - the book’s imminent demise for generations.” As early as 1913 a futurist manifesto demanded “a typographic revolution directed against the idiotic and nauseating concepts of the outdated and conventional book”.

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  • Book Collecting 101 at The Private Library

    Book Collecting 101 at The Private Library

    Anyone who has spent much time exploring Internet sites devoted to book collecting can be excused for coming away with the feeling that such collecting is too expensive and/or too complicated for the average person. The focus at too many such sites continues to be on great rarities, or on well-heeled collectors, or on events that the average working stiff can't possibly take time off from work to attend.  Here at The Private Library, though, we contend that anyone can collect the printed book!

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  • From the ILAB Archives – A Letter by Einar Grønholt-Pedersen

    From the ILAB Archives – A Letter by Einar Grønholt-Pedersen

    The history of ILAB is full of personal memories. Since its beginnings the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers has been a highly effective business organization, a network for the professional book trade, and it has been more: The League is an international family. All affiliates who have attended ILAB Congresses and ILAB Book Fairs in Europe, Australia, Asia and America have experienced the friendship, the warmth and cordiality among rare book dealers that create good business relations worldwide. “Amor librorum nos unit - The love of books unites us” is the motto of the League. This was exactly what ILAB’s founding fathers intended. - A letter by by Einar Grønholt-Pedersen from the year 1959.

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  • Rare Book News - Maggs have moved ...

    Rare Book News - Maggs have moved ...

    Maggs Bros Ltd. has been dealing in rare books and manuscripts since 1853. As one of the world’s longest-established antiquarian book dealers, they are specialists in the fields of Voyages and Travels, English literature, Medieval Manuscripts and Miniatures, Bibliography, Incunabula and Early Printed Books, Natural History and Science, Autographs and Manuscripts, Military and Naval History, Bindings, Private Press Books and other related areas.

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