WHEN? April 23, 2015

WHERE? All over the World!

BOOKS CHANGE LIVES! The UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated all over the world with amazing events promoting the essence of reading and the culture of the book. On April 23, 2015, this day will also be a special day for ILAB. Starting the day in Australia, the ILAB Pop Up Fairs will open one after another from Australia to Asia to South Africa to Europe to the United States. For 24 hours these worldwide events will be followed up with pictures and reports in the media and on the ILAB website.

JOIN US! Fill the bookshelves and fight illiteracy!


The new edition of the ILAB Directory has recently been published. The Directory gives easy access to information on the almost 2.000 ILAB booksellers around the world that are experts in their chosen fields and stand behind the ethical standards of ILAB. In this new electronic world you will find this expertise and adherence to standards an essential part in making your buying experience a pleasant one. The ILAB Directory, in a wonderful new design, will be handed out at all major ILAB Book Fairs from California to Paris, New York, London, Boston, Amsterdam, Milan, Stuttgart and Melbourne.

All who want to have a look at it, before they hold the printed version in their hands, are able to download the PDF right here on the ILAB website!


Have you ever wondered what ILAB is all about - other than a logo that appears against some dealers' trading names?  ILAB President Norbert Donhofer sets out the main benefits of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers!

Learn more about ILAB, the ILAB Committee, the ILAB Internship Program, the ILAB Newsletter, ILAB Congresses and Book Fairs!


The 17th ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography, worth 10.000 $, will be awarded in 2018 to one or more books published in any language and in any part of the world between April 2013 and April 2017. Any work submitted to the Prize must be a published book available on the market. The prize jury will admit all publications relating to bibliography in a very broad sense. The books can be submitted to the prize at any time but latest by the end of April in 2017 by sending a single copy to the Prize Secretary Fabrizio Govi.


Recent news on the Girolamini thefts: Marino Massimo de Caro had given an interview to an Italian newspaper in which he accused antiquarian booksellers and auctioneers to manipulate valuable books – scratching out stamps, removing old ownership labels and/or gluing those to others. ILAB and ALAI refused to file a law-suit against both the reporter and Mr De Caro for giving such a scandalous interview, but the President of ALAI, Fabrizio Govi, and the former Director of the Italian National Libraries, Dr Daniele Danesi, have responded to it in a serious and widely read newspaper in Italy. Read the articles!

ALAI has also placed a note of protest on its website, and has opened a section where intellectuals, librarians, and, of course, booksellers, can sign this protest – and so far quite a few have signed it.


Since spring 2012 the issue of the massive thefts in the Girolamini Library and other Italian libraries had kept busy both the Italian Justice and ILAB. The latest developments in this case – the arrest of the Danish dealer Christian Westergaard and the confiscation of eleven books out of his stock – gives ILAB no other choice as to announce an official note of protest. This note will be sent to officials in both the Ministry of Culture of Italy and the Ministry of Justice of Italy, and it will be spread out to librarians, journalists, and the public worldwide. Read it here and spread the news!


Following our strategy to bringing as much light as possible in the Girolamini thefts, the Committee had asked the Munich based auction house Zisska & Lacher (formerly Zisska & Schauer) to provide us with a list of the books which had been confiscated or withdrawn from their auction No 59 in May of 2012 (the books from the Girolamini library). The list can be searched here!

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  • Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar (CABS)

    12 Jul 2015 - 17 Jul 2015

    Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar (CABS)

    Keynote speaker: Katherine Reagan, Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts at Cornell who will be speaking on the hows and whys of buying books at Cornell; specialty dealer 2015 is ABAA...

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  • Bogatyr


    Versailles - FRANCE

    Specialties: Children's books, Curiosities, Illustrated books, Literature, Photography, Science and technology

    Most recent catalogue:

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  • Serie "Innocent things" Porträtserie mit Objekten.

    Kuznetsova, Nadya,

    Bookseller: J.J. Heckenhauer e.K .

    Serie "Innocent things" Porträtserie mit Objekten.
    St. Petersburg, 2007. Auflage 5 +1 . 70 x 50 cm, Silbergelatine-Abzug, Handabzug, Preis pro Motiv. Gut, Handabzug auf Barytpapier, manchmal wie bei... More

    Buy from:

    Price: 1580.00 EUR

  • Town Planning for Australia.

    TAYLOR, George A.

    Bookseller: Hordern House

    Town Planning for Australia.
    Sydney: Building Limited, 1914. Large octavo, numerous photo illustrations, plans, diagrams, illustrated advertisements; a very good copy in... More

    Buy from:

    Price: 1250.00 AUD

  • [Photographs]: Four Helmut Newton Photographs

    NEWTON, Helmut as Helmut Neustaedter

    Bookseller: Between The Covers

    [Photographs]: Four Helmut Newton Photographs
    1936 [and circa 1970s]. An archive of four self-portrait photographs of Helmut Newton, all shot by Newton with a timer. Two are vintage prints,... More

    Buy from:

    Price: 7500.00 USD

  • Me: Stories of My Life - 1st Edition/1st Printing

    Hepburn, Katherine

    Bookseller: Books Tell You Why

    Me: Stories of My Life  - 1st Edition/1st Printing
    New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1991. 8vo; [2], [i-vii] viii, [1-3] 4-420 [421-2] pages. A charming First Edition/First Printing in Fine condition in... More

    Buy from:

    Price: 600.00 USD

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  • The Oak Knoll Repricing Saga

    The Oak Knoll Repricing Saga

    The Internet has had a dramatic effect on the prices and availability of antiquarian books. This is great news for the consumer but has required some serious thinking by all of us “old-timers” in the business (I started selling books about books in 1976). What happens when you consistently sell David Randall’s Dukedom Large Enough for $45 for a number of years (fine in dust jacket) but then go on-line today and find it being sold for $18 by other booksellers? This scenario was starting to happen often enough that I decided to sit down one night (November 2009) next to a shelf of my books and analyze how my prices compared to those of other dealers.

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  • Rare Books in the Press: The Death of the Book

    Rare Books in the Press: The Death of the Book

    The book is dead, murdered by the internet and buried with a Kindle on its coffin … Or not? The death of the book is not a modern phenomenon, says Ben Ehrenreich in the Los Angeles Review of Books: “Nor is it new to point out that people have been diagnosing - and celebrating - the book’s imminent demise for generations.” As early as 1913 a futurist manifesto demanded “a typographic revolution directed against the idiotic and nauseating concepts of the outdated and conventional book”.

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  • You Can Quote Me On That

    You Can Quote Me On That

    My catalogs are shorter, each consisting a single item, and they are even more “special” since they only go to one person each – with photographs, but digitally. They are called “quotes” and they’re what little guys like me – specialist dealers – do instead of accumulating 350,000 books and hiring a prodigy like Dan Gregory to sell them. I suspect the act of “quoting” books has been around since 1455. In the old days we used carrier pigeons. Later, we graduated to postcards. Kevin Johnson of Royal Books is a terrific bookseller. He makes the point that people actually like being contacted by dealers, especially if we’re offering material that stimulates their interest. He prefers telephone, but I’m too shy. I use email instead. Still, it amounts to the same thing – we put the book in the person’s hand and say, “Look at this! Isn’t it cool? I’m really excited about it.”

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  • The World Arrives in London for Book Fair Week 8–16 June 2013

    The World Arrives in London for Book Fair Week 8–16 June 2013

    SEVEN FAIRS displaying rare books, maps, photographs and ephemera have come together to set up the first London Book Fair Week from Saturday, 8th to Sunday, 16th June 2013. This is the first time all the fairs organisers have joined together to create a major event for both trade and public by holding all the major summer fairs in one week.

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  • Wanted! ILAB Internship!

    Wanted! ILAB Internship!

    A global "ILAB School" without borders: The International League of Antiquarian Booksellers offers internships to students and beginners in the rare book trade who wish to widen their knowledge through practical learning and to plug into the worldwide network of antiquarian bookselling.  All ILAB booksellers are very welcome to join the ILAB Internship Program and to provide young students an opportunity to gain invaluable hands-on experience in the international rare book business at any time and in any place in the world. Applicants are carefully chosen after they have contacted ILAB Vice-President Norbert Donhofer, who has initiated the Internship Program in 2009 together with Eric Waschke (Canada) and Professor Dr. Olga Tarakanowa (Moscow State University of the Printing Arts). Right now ILAB is looking for the following internship:

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  • Book Collecting Basics: Pirated Editions

    Book Collecting Basics: Pirated Editions

    In July 2007, JK Rowling fans around the world anxiously awaited the publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the seventh and final book in Rowling's beloved Harry Potterseries. The official release of the English-language version was scheduled to take place on July 21, 2007. But readers in China got their hands on the novel a full ten days earlier, when the book unexpectedly popped up in book stores. Thousands bought the early editions...unaware that the copies in their hands had virtually nothing in common with the authorized edition actually written by JK Rowling.

    This new pirated edition was certainly not the first unauthorized Harry Potter book published in China. On the contrary, the popular series had fostered an entire cottage industry of book piracy. In some cases, people would scan and republish exact replicas of the authorized editions. In others, they would mimic the genuine article. One pirated edition, for instance, was called Harry Potter and the Half-Blooded Relative Prince. People also would write their own titles, which had little or no connection to Rowling's books. For years, one could easily find titles like Harry Potter and the Hiking Dragon or Harry Potter and the Big Funnel. Rowling's publisher waged a war against those responsible for the pirated editions, a difficult task given that even large Chinese publishers partook in the practice--then denied any knowledge of it.

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