2017 ILAB President's Meeting Copenhagen 

Every year, the presidents of all 22 national antiquarian bookseller’s associations that form the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB), meet at the President’s Meeting. In September 2017, the Danish Antiquarian Bookseller’s Association, ABF has invited the international rare book trade to Copenhagen. This will be a week of formal meetings with reports and updates from each country, but it is also a week of exchanging ideas with colleagues, networking and a programme to visit some of Copenhagen’s cultural and bibliophile treasures! Read further. 

43rd ILAB Congress & Book Fair  in L.A. from  3 - 11 Feb 2018

Hosted and organised by the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America, ABAA, the 43rd ILAB Congress will take place from 3 -11 Feb 2018 in Los Angeles, Pasadena. 

Register and join booksellers from all corners of the world!

Bookseller's Testimonials:

Now is the time for the revival of the ILAB Congress - A veteran's ramblings by Keith Fletcher 

Cologne was my first one - by Sabine Keune 


Following the ILAB President's Meeting in Copenhagen in September 2017, the Antiquarian Booksellers Assocaition of Denmark, Den Danske Antikvarboghandlerforening is inviting booksellers and collectors to participate and visit the 2017 Scandinavian Antiquarian Book Fair from 28 - 30 September. Once again, the fair will be held in the old Library Hall in the magnificent Round Tower right in the centre of Copenhagen.  

The Dutch Association of Antiquarian Bookdealers (NVvA) is pleased to announce the 37th Amsterdam International Antiquarian Book Fair to be held from 30 September -  1st October. The fair offers space to 40 ILAB affiliated booksellers and its new location, in the centre of Amsterdam is a stone’s throw away from the recently reopened Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. 

For more information about upcoming, ILAB affiliated fairs and related events, please go here.  

ILAB Library - All You Need To Know About Rare Books and the Antiquarian Book Trade

"If you can’t find your people in Los Angeles, they probably don’t exist!"
Interview with Bradley & Jennifer Johnson, Organisers of the 2018 ILAB Congress

Published since 14 August 2017

As they say, it takes a village and this ILAB Congress is no exception. We are fortunate to be working with a committee of talented and energetic booksellers who are as excited as we are to introduce our colleagues to the cultural treasures, local flavors, and incredible energy unique to this vibrant city. All of us view the Congress as a fantastic opportunity for booksellers from Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa to establish lasting relationships with their American counterparts. 

Read the full article here. 

NEW: ILAB Mentoring Programme

Are you a young or recently established antiquarian bookseller?

ILAB has recently launched an International Mentoring Programme to help booksellers throughout the world by offering support and counselling on a one to one basis in the early days of a career. 

For all information and an updated list of mentors, please go here

Submissions for the 2018 ILAB Prize for Bibliography have now closed and can be viewed online! 

The 17th ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography will be awarded in 2018 and is one of the most prestigious prizes in the field of bibliography.
Every fourth year ILAB detects and awards a particularly significant reference work within a selection of scholarly books about books published in the previous years. 

View submissions for the 2018 Prize here

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Rare Book Gallery

  • Street Incidents

    THOMSON, John; Thomson, John; SMITH, Adolphe

    Bookseller: Bauman Rare Books

    Street Incidents
    1881 - THOMSON, John.Street Incidents.London: Sampson, Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, 1881.First abridged edition of the "first concerted... More

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    Price: 17500.00 USD

  • Iraq in War Time. Al-Iraq fi zaman al-harb.

    Philby, Harry St John Bridger].

    Bookseller: Antiquariat INLIBRIS Gilhofer Nfg. GmbH

    Iraq in War Time. Al-Iraq fi zaman al-harb.
    Basrah, Government Press, [1918]. - Folio (257 x 344 mm). (104) pp. More than 200 photo prints. Original giltstamped green cloth. Intriguing photo... More

    Buy from:

    Price: 8500.00 EUR

  • Collection of 81 Installments of Presage


    Bookseller: Harper's Books

    Collection of 81 Installments of Presage
    Liechtenstein / Paris / Switzerland: Egaserp Etablissements / Société d'Editions de Mode / Studio Galfetti - Fontana 1962-1978 - First Editions.... More

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    Price: 25000.00 USD

  • Oslo Peace Accords Photograph, Signed

    CLINTON, Bill

    Bookseller: Historicana

    Oslo Peace Accords Photograph, Signed
    Washington DC 1993 - Photo of Oslo Accords Signed by Clinton, Rabin, Arafat(OSLO PEACE ACCORDS BETWEEN ISRAEL AND PLO) Photograph in color of... More

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    Price: 9500.00 USD

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  • Cultural Revolutions - A Firsthand Look At China's Reviving Book Scene

    Cultural Revolutions - A Firsthand Look At China's Reviving Book Scene

    “On a cold Tuesday in Beijing, steam rose ghost-like from sewer grates in the wide, car-choked streets. The towering buildings, monuments to China’s new wealth, stood a lonely watch as thickly bundled people hustled from heated lobby to taxi and back again. Street vendors’ breath hung in a crystalline mist over full carts of fresh candied mandarin slices, twisted fried bread and roasted sweet potatoes ..."

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  • Collecting Rare Books and First Editions: Cormac McCarthy

    Collecting Rare Books and First Editions: Cormac McCarthy

    The front flap of McCarthy's 1965 first book proved to be very prophetic: "Confident of the acclaim The Orchard Keeper will ultimately receive, but hopeful that such recognition could come now rather than twenty years hence, the publishers sent a number of advance copies to well-known writers and editors, asking for comment and criticism..." Sure enough, McCarthy gained a fervent but very limited following among literary-minded readers, critics, and fellow authors. Outside this circle he was not very well known, even after the 1985 publication of his fifth novel, the violent tour-de-force Blood Meridian, which is now commonly ranked among the best novels of the past quarter century.

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  • Children’s Books 1945 to 1960 - A Catalogue by Winfried Geisenheyner, Reviewed by Friedrich C. Heller

    Children’s Books 1945 to 1960 - A Catalogue by Winfried Geisenheyner, Reviewed by Friedrich C. Heller

    Children’s books are not only for children. They enable us to look at a period in history from a children’s point of view. Children’s books printed in Germany from 1945 to 1960, for example, show how the world was in post war Germany, which was separated in East and West, and where also the children had to learn to live under the new conditions determined by the history of the half of the 20th century, and especially by World War II and its consequences. Friedrich C. Heller, who won the Second ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography in 2010 for his outstanding work „Die bunte Welt. Handbuch zum künstlerisch illustrierten Kinderbuch in Wien 1890-1938”, reviews a brand new catalogue published by the German antiquarian bookseller Winfried Geisenheyner: Kinder- und Bilderbücher von 1945 bis 1960 - Children’s Books 1945 to 1960.  This and other catalogues by ILAB dealers can be downloaded from the ILAB website.


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  • ILAB Internships – Out of the Classroom, into the World

    ILAB Internships – Out of the Classroom, into the World

    We're happy to introduce ILAB’s new intern Julia Kulyamzina. She's spending four weeks in the United States with Tom Congalton, current ILAB President and owner of Between the Covers. Read her first report!

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  • The Art of American Book Covers - An Iconic Book Cover From 1876

    The Art of American Book Covers  - An Iconic Book Cover From 1876

    Gold stamped peacock feather on blue cloth over beveled boards. It is a brilliant example of the engraver’s art - both in the quality of technique used to execute it, and the illumination that emanates from the image. The extremely fine detailing in the stamping die makes the image shimmer as the book is held, with even slight movements causing one part or another to flash more brightly, and creates illusionistic dimensionality with flat gold stamping that made me touch it to see if it’s embossed.

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  • "The Discovery of the South Sea" - Lectures for Collectors at Dr. Paul Kainbacher’s Antiquarian Bookshop

    "The Discovery of the South Sea" - Lectures for Collectors at Dr. Paul Kainbacher’s Antiquarian Bookshop

    The Austrian rare book dealer Dr. Paul Kainbacher invites collectors and bibliophiles to a series of “Bibliophile Evenings” at his antiquarian bookshop in Baden (near Vienna) with lectures and talks on the history of science, philosophy and art in connection with the presentation of rare and fine books and manuscripts. The first Bibliophile Evening on 8th November 2014 will focus on the discovery of the South Sea. Professor Dr. Hermann Mückler, South Sea expert at Vienna University, and Anke Oberlies of the German James Cook Society will talk about Austrian explorers, travelers and adventurers in the Southern Hemisphere and their travel accounts as well as about the famous travels of James Cook.

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