The London International Antiquarian Book Fair, 28th to 30th May 2015: one of the highlights in the world for book lovers and collectors and centrepiece of the London Book Fair Week. From London to Melbourne, Tokyo, Boston, Toronto, New York, California and back to Europe: the ILAB Book Fair calendar.


Have you ever wondered what ILAB is all about - other than a logo that appears against some dealers' trading names?  ILAB President Norbert Donhofer sets out the main benefits of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers! Learn more about ILAB, the ILAB Committee, the ILAB Internship Program, and the ILAB Congresses.


The ILAB Directory gives easy access to information on the almost 2.000 ILAB booksellers that are experts in their chosen fields and stand behind the ethical standards of ILAB. In this new electronic world you will find this expertise an essential part in making your buying experience a pleasant one. Download the PDF, or get a printed copy at the ILAB book fairs.


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The 17th ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography, worth 10.000 $, will be awarded in 2018 to one or more books published in any language between April 2013 and April 2017. The jury will admit all publications relating to bibliography in a very broad sense. The books can be submitted latest by the end of April in 2017 by sending a copy to the Prize Secretary Fabrizio Govi.


A world first – across the world: bookish flashmobs, like speed dating for booklovers in the most unusual places. In woolsheds, on boats, central stations, skyscrapers, in museums, libraries, streets, clubs and pubs, thousands of booklovers met on 23 April 2015 and raised funds for the UNESCO literacy projects. See the pictures on ILABPopUpBookFairs.blogspot.de


A global "ILAB School" without borders: The International League of Antiquarian Booksellers offers internships to students and beginners in the rare book trade who wish to widen their knowledge through practical learning and to plug into the worldwide network of antiquarian bookselling.

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  • Nude Photograph of Judith Malina


    Bookseller: Between The Covers

    Nude Photograph of Judith Malina
    Black and white silver gelatin photograph by Weegee of Judith Malina, co-founder of the The Living Theatre, nude and backlit. Measuring 7.75" x... More

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    Price: 2800.00 USD

  • Ekonomicheskie etyudy i stati. [Economic studies and articles].

    Ilyn (Ilin) Vladimir.,( i.e. Vladmir Lenin.)

    Bookseller: J.J. Heckenhauer e.K .

    Ekonomicheskie etyudy i stati. [Economic studies and articles].
    St. Petersburg, (A. Leifert), (1898) Oktav. 290 Seiten / pages. Mit mehreren Tabellen, with several charts. Modern morocco-backed navy buckram. A... More

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    Price: 2980.00 EUR

  • Petrus Arretinus accerrimus virtutum ac vitiorum demostrator. From a rare...

    Fenton, Roger

    Bookseller: Hammarlunds Antikvariat

    Petrus Arretinus accerrimus virtutum ac vitiorum demostrator. From a rare proof in the British Museum. Photographed by R. Fenton. [A photograph depicting an engraving of Peter Aretine]
    London. Published by the trustees of the British Museum. 1858.. 1858 Photograph 22 x 15,5 cm. Mount paper 52 x 40 cm. Salt paper or modified salt... More

    Buy from:

    Price: 8000.00 SEK

  • H.P. Lovecraft Collection


    Bookseller: Between The Covers

    H.P. Lovecraft Collection
    A remarkable collection of 244 H.P. Lovecraft items with over 200 rare amateur press appearances dating as early as 1914; nine important pulp... More

    Buy from:

    Price: 65000.00 USD

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  • Bibliographies - Rare Medical Books and Manuscripts

    Bibliographies - Rare Medical Books and Manuscripts

    Looking for a cure against the flu? Try bloodletting instead of antibiotics. These are some bibliographies and recommendations from ILAB dealers that might help. The Wellcome Collection is the specialist collection for the history of medicine. It covers books, manuscripts, archives, films and pictures from the earliest times to the present day. While medicine provides the unifying theme, hardly a subject relating to the history of European science is not represented: alchemy and chemistry, astrology and astronomy, physics, botany, zoology, cookery and pharmacy, exploration and travel, geography and geology, horology, mathematics, magic, mesmerism, phrenology, patent medicine, quackery, psychoanalysis, psychology and sexology ...

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  • Collecting Rare Books and First Editions: Flannery O'Connor

    Collecting Rare Books and First Editions: Flannery O'Connor

    All three of the books by O'Connor that were published in her short lifetime are scarce, and expensive in fine condition. Her first book, the novel Wise Blood, (1952) was manufactured with cheap cardboard boards and white jacket, neither of which are usually found in nice condition.

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  • Collecting Rare Books and First Editions: Chilling Tales from the Icy Wastes

    Collecting Rare Books and First Editions: Chilling Tales from the Icy Wastes

    The polar regions have always had a huge attraction for mankind and its explorers. What lay in or beyond those icy wastes? An open sea? The way to Asia? Riches beyond the dreams of avarice? Many set out to find out, never to return. Probably no other field of exploration has brought forth so many heroes, sung and unsung, so much suffering and so many, often unnecessary, deaths. Probably most of the gruesome deaths in the icy reaches will never be known or told, but several made it into print from the 16th to the 20th century. I have picked 10 expeditions at random, my only criterion being that there had to be horrible suffering, death, and, maybe, cannibalism.

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  • Former Official of the Ministry of Science Stole Thousands of Books from German Libraries

    Over many years a former official of the Ministry of Science stole nearly 15.000 rare and valuable books from German libraries worth millions of euros. The thief was caught a year and a half ago in  the Fürstlich Waldecksche Court Library, where he had been a frequent guest. Nobody there had ever thought that he had been the thief of 180 books worth 150.000 euros until he was arrested by the police. The book theft in the Court Library was one of many deeds, of which the former state official is now accused.

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  • Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - Famous Literary Hoaxes (Part Three)

    Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - Famous Literary Hoaxes (Part Three)

    William Henry Ireland forged Shakespeare, and the Russian secret police fabricated records from a secret society. Literary hoaxes can be entertaining, dangerous, or humiliating. Today is our final installment on famous literary hoaxes. (Be sure to check out Part One and Part Two.)

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  • Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - Pop-up Cigarette Cards

    Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - Pop-up Cigarette Cards

    As aficionados of both miniature and movable books, we were drawn to these small, pop-up cigarette cards depicting famous British landmarks. Twenty-four different cards were distributed with packages of Herbert Tareyton cigarettes as a promotional premium, encouraging the purchaser to collect them all. Among the landmarks included are Buckingham Palace, Canterbury Cathedral, Covent Garden Theatre, Scotland Yard, Windsor Castle, and the Houses of Parliament. Although Herbert Tareyton was an American cigarette brand, their marketing image and mascot, a dapper, monocle-wearing spokesman known as "Dude," was meant to seem British and aristocratic. The subject matter of these cigarette cards served to enhance this association.

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