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A WORLD FIRST - ACROSS THE WORLD: In woolsheds, on boats, central stations, skyscrapers, in museums, libraries, streets, clubs and pubs.

> Bookish flash mob - speed dating for booklovers.

> Where you decide to be a part of it.

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ANTWERP: Books across the borders - Dutch and Belgian dealers pop up at Antwerp's Bibliotheek Permeke.

LUND: an ILAB Pop Up Fair dedicated exclusively to pop-up books at Akarps antikvariat.

LONDON: British booksellers show their best at Middle Temple Library.

FROM SALISBURY CATHEDRAL TO OXFORD UNIVERSITY: CELESTE the Rare Book Campervan goes on a road trip for UNESCO with Amanda Hall and Susanne Schulz-Falster.


On 23 April 2015, these worldwide events will pop up one after another to show that there is nothing more powerful than BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS! ILAB will follow them up in a 24-hours live-report on this website!

UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated with amazing events promoting the essence of reading and the culture of the book. On April 23, 2015, this day will also be a special day for ILAB.

JOIN US! Fill the empty bookshelves to fight illiteracy and to help buying books for schools in South Sudan!

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  • Les

    FERE (Ch.)

    Bookseller: L'intersigne Livres anciens

    Paris, Alcan, 1890, fort vol. gd in 8

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    Price: 600.00 EUR

  • Small Collection of Signed and Inscribed Books and Photographs

    CASTRO, Fidel

    Bookseller: Between The Covers

    Small Collection of Signed and Inscribed Books and Photographs
    1955-1985. A collection that includes three Signed and Inscribed books, two Inscribed photographs and an Autograph Note in English Signed. The... More

    Buy from:

    Price: 18500.00 USD

  • Vue de l'Amiraute et ses environs en regardant de la Porte Triomphale, vers...

    de Lespinasse, Nicolas.

    Bookseller: Antiquariat est.1823

    Vue de l'Amiraute et ses environs en regardant de la Porte Triomphale, vers l'Occident.
    Paris,. 1783 Paris, 1783. 32, 51,2 cm, 25 x 34,8 cm ( view) Kupferstich. Unter Passepartout. Minimale Stockflecken, minimale Knickspuren, sonst... More

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    Price: 580.00 EUR

  • Dylan In Woodstock.

    [DYLAN, Bob] Landy, Elliott

    Bookseller: Adrian Harrington

    Dylan In Woodstock.
    UK, Genesis Publications. 2000. INSCRIBED BY DYLAN to half title; to a longtime friend- / Bob Dylan /6-28-06. Also signed by photographer Elliott... More

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    Price: 3000.00 GBP

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  • “Only one word is needed – integrity”

    “Only one word is needed – integrity”

    Who wins the FIFA World Cup 2010? Spain? Argentina? Brazil? Italy? Or Ghana? Will England loose the penalty shootout? Does Germany reach the semi-finals without Michael Ballack? In three weeks the football world looks to South Africa. We have talked with a South African dealer about the most important thing besides football: rare books.

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  • Books about Books: A History of Oak Knoll Press, Part 12: Marketing Experiments

    Books about Books: A History of Oak Knoll Press, Part 12: Marketing Experiments

    Another example of this synergy between the publishing and antiquarian businesses was brought about by an interesting request for bookbinding titles that we received from Marianne Tidcombe, noted English author (though American-born). Marianne told me that she was working on a project to honor Bernard Middleton, the pre-imminent English bookbinder. Important bookbinders around the world would be asked to contribute a gold-tooled binding on a copy of Middleton’s memoirs that had been printed by hand by Henry Morris at his Bird & Bull Press. Twenty-five binders would be chosen and they would be paid for their work when (or if) the collection of bindings would be sold. I was asked to help find the binders, plan an Oak Knoll Press title describing this project which would be accompanied by full color plates of the bindings produced, and then sell the collection as a whole if possible, or piecemeal if it could not be sold as a collection. What a combination of antiquarian, new book, and publishing goals!

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  • Collecting Australian Bushranging Books

    Collecting Australian Bushranging Books

    The Australian Bushranging era (1790–1890s) covered approximately the first 100 years of Australian settlement. Early bushrangers were mainly exconvict labourers from working class, Irish backgrounds who had been transported to Australia. Referred to in much of the literature as Bolters, they were rebels against authority who were attempting to survive in the bush by stealing from isolated settlers and travellers. The discovery of gold in the 1850’s and 60’s saw an upsurge in bushranging activity. Gold nuggets were relatively easy to steal, transport and sell and, because of this, many Australianborn sons joined the ranks of the bushrangers. A collecting tip by Maureen Fraher.

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  • Field of Booksellers

    Field of Booksellers

    "This time in 2006, I had been a book dealer for only two years. I had come to bookselling, not exactly by accident (I had been worked in bookstores off and on for the better part of ten years), but rather as a way to fill some time while I stayed at home with my then-four-year-old daughter. The business (such as it was) was very much a part-time venture. I had about 1000 books that I’d managed to scare up from library fundraisers, thrift stores, Craigslist, and garage and estate sales. I kept them in banker’s boxes crammed into several closets around the house. I didn’t really know any other booksellers and had little in way of a reference library. I sold only online. Most of my books were either modern firsts or university press titles, and every day or so one or two sold via ABE or Amazon. I dutifully packed up in salvaged boxes or homemade ad-hoc packages. I made a little spending money, no more really." “Cultivating the trade for future generations” - Brian Cassidy explains why Rare Book Schools or the Colorade Antiquarian Book Seminar are inevitable for young booksellers.

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  • Preserving Antiquarian Photographs and Photo Albums

    Preserving Antiquarian Photographs and Photo Albums

    Collectors of rare and antiquarian books are well aware that they must take specific measures to preserve and protect their collections. Condition directly impacts value, but perhaps more importantly, condition dictates how intimately you can experience the items in your collection; items that have deteriorated cannot be handled and studied with the same freedom as items that have been better protected. Common enemies of antiquarian books include direct sunlight, humidity, and vermin, along with substances like adhesives – and even other paper. The same holds true for antiquarian photographs and photo albums. But due to their more complex composition, these items often require even more specialized care.

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  • 3rd Milan International Antiquarian Book Fair, 27-29 March 2015

    3rd Milan International Antiquarian Book Fair, 27-29 March 2015

    For the third time antiquarian booksellers and collectors will meet at the Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan from Friday 27 March to Sunday 29 March to celebrate the Milan International Antiquarian Book Fair. The fair will be officially opened on Friday 5.30 pm in the presence of the great bibliophile, author and scholar Umberto Eco. Organized by the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of Italy (ALAI) and supported by the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB) this high class event will attract bibliophiles, traders, journalists, collectors, intellectuals and many curious to come to Milan and to enjoy three wonderful days of browsing the shelves and exploring the fascinating world of the rare book. All the variety which has been brought up through five centuries of printing will be showcased: from incunabula and milestones of 16th and 17th century printing to modern artists books, from mediaval manuscripts to handwritten letters and documents by famous authors, artists and scientists, from children's books to natural history works to modern first editions to avant-garde.

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