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See you in L.A. from  3 - 11 February 2018!

Hosted and organised by the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America, ABAA, the 43rd ILAB Congress will take place from 3 -11 Feb 2018 in Los Angeles, Pasadena. 

Registrations are now open to participate in the congress!

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Why ILAB Congresses are an ideal place to meet, learn and network - by Sabine Keune & Keith Fletcher 

Sabine Keune of Antiquariat Keune (Germany) and Keith Fletcher (UK) reminisce over past congresses and urge their colleagues to use this unique opportunity to build valuable connections and broaden the horizon. 

Now is the time for the revival of the ILAB Congress - A veteran's ramblings by Keith Fletcher 

Cologne was my first one - by Sabine Keune 


Following the ILAB President's Meeting in Copenhagen in September 2017, the Antiquarian Booksellers Assocaition of Denmark, Den Danske Antikvarboghandlerforening is inviting booksellers and collectors to participate and visit the 2017 Scandinavian Antiquarian Book Fair from 28 - 30 September. Once again, the fair will be held in the old Library Hall in the magnificent Round Tower right in the centre of Copenhagen.  

The Dutch Association of Antiquarian Bookdealers (NVvA) is pleased to announce the 37th Amsterdam International Antiquarian Book Fair to be held from 30 September -  1st October. The fair offers space to 40 ILAB affiliated booksellers and its new location, in the centre of Amsterdam is a stone’s throw away from the recently reopened Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. 

For more information about upcoming, ILAB affiliated fairs and related events, please go here.  

ILAB Library - All You Need To Know About Rare Books and the Antiquarian Book Trade

The Book Huntresses: Women Bibliophiles
by Rachel Chanter 

Published since 17 July 2017

In his 1930 work on book collecting, Anatomy of Bibliomania, Holbrook Jackson claimed that “book love is as masculine (although not as common) as growing a beard.” Times have changed; the recent inauguration of a new book collecting prize by New York bookseller Honey & Wax, “an annual prize of $1000 to be awarded to an outstanding book collection conceived and built by a young woman”, is possibly the final nail in the coffin of the idea that bibliophilia is a man’s pursuit.

Read the full article here. 

NEW: ILAB Mentoring Programme

Are you a young or recently established antiquarian bookseller?

ILAB has recently launched an International Mentoring Programme to help booksellers throughout the world by offering support and counselling on a one to one basis in the early days of a career. 

For all information and an updated list of mentors, please go here

Submissions for the 2018 ILAB Prize for Bibliography have now closed and can be viewed online! 

The 17th ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography will be awarded in 2018 and is one of the most prestigious prizes in the field of bibliography.
Every fourth year ILAB detects and awards a particularly significant reference work within a selection of scholarly books about books published in the previous years. 

View submissions for the 2018 Prize here

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  • Photography from the V-2 rocket at altitudes ranging up to 160 kilometers

    Bergstralh, T. A.

    Bookseller: Jeremy Norman's historyofscience

    Photography from the V-2 rocket at altitudes ranging up to 160 kilometers
    Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC 1947 - The First Published Photographs of the Earth Taken from Space Bergstralh, T. A. Photography from... More

    Buy from:

    Price: 30000.00 USD

  • THE HANDMADE PAPERS OF JAPAN., Foreword by Dard Hunter.

    Tindale, Thomas & Harriet R.

    Bookseller: Veatchs Arts of the Book, ABAA

    THE HANDMADE PAPERS OF JAPAN., Foreword by Dard Hunter.
    Rutland & Tokyo, 1952. - 4 volumes plus envelope. 13 1/4 x 10/ 3/4. Japanese-style bindings of hand-stenciled wraps & boards. Volumes... More

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    Price: 11810.00 USD

  • Rüstungshandwerk (Munitions Trade Crafts)



    Rüstungshandwerk (Munitions Trade Crafts)
    NP 1942 - 1/50? Folio. Unpaginated. Quarter vellum over paper-covered decorative boards with title stamped in silver & emblem (possibly of the... More

    Buy from:

    Price: 12500.00 USD


    HUNTER, Dard.


    A MAJOR STUDY OF FAR EASTERN HANDMADE PAPERS WITH SAMPLES New York 1936, - Pynson. Half leather over boards, 148p., verygood, 50 tipped-in paper... More

    Buy from:

    Price: 8239.00 USD

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  • Volland Publishers - The History and the Books

    Volland Publishers - The History and the Books

    Through Volland's vision of publishing high quality, mass produced books, his books for children proved to be amongst the most successful. Although he had limited funds in the beginning, Volland was still able to employ the skills of such noted children's book authors as Elizabeth Gordon, Elizabeth Brown Kirkland, Olive Beaupre Miller, and Miriam Clark Potter. His roster of illustrators included Johnny Gruelle, Tony Sarg, Holling C. Holling, M.T. Ross, John Rae (of Howard Pyle's Brandywine School), John Gee, and Maginel Wright Enright, the sister of architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

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  • Collecting Rare Books and First Editions: Edith Wharton

    Collecting Rare Books and First Editions: Edith Wharton

    Her first book, Verses (published by her parents when she was 16 in 1878) is a great rarity. If you find one, call me up, so we can begin negotiating about the location of the new house I'll be buying for you. However, if you are going to wait to find a copy before you find a place to live, you might as well pay for it yourself, as they don't turn up very often.

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  • Six Weeks in Australia - The ILAB Internship Program

    Six Weeks in Australia - The ILAB Internship Program

    Pavel Chepyzhov spent six weeks in Australia as an ILAB Intern. "My internship took place from October to December 2011 when I traveled from Russia to Australia and Hong Kong. I have spent most of my time in Australia with Paul Feain, the owner of Cornstalk Bookshop (Sydney), the organizer of the Hong Kong Antiquarian Book Fair and the co-founder of Sydney Rare Book Auctions." Read his report.

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  • What do you see? Frontispieces of Margaret Cavendish – A Lecture by Maureen E. Mulvihill

    What do you see? Frontispieces of Margaret Cavendish – A Lecture by Maureen E. Mulvihill

    Students of 17th century women writers, art history, and book culture will be interested in Maureen E. Mulvihill’s observations on the articulate frontispiece portraits of Margaret (Cavendish), Duchess of Newcastle, published in her remarkable corpus of work. With digital images, a table display of rare books (Mulvihill Collection), and a distributed bibliography, Maureen E. Mulvihill (Princeton Research Forum, Princeton NJ) will engage with these visual constructions as physical artifacts of 17th century book design and as ‘text’ to be read and parsed on the writer’s character and identity. Keynote speaker Maureen E. Mulvihill is a broadly published specialist on women writers, rare books, the London & Dublin book trade, and the intersection of literary text and the visual arts. She also has published on Rubens, Van Dyck, the Elzeviers, printers’ marks, watermarks, woodcuts, and the Stuart legacy of Veronese. She studied at Wisconsin, the Yale Center for British Art, the Columbia University Rare Book School, and, as an NEH Fellow, Johns Hopkins University. Since the 1980s, she has been a visiting professor and speaker on many campuses. She is at work on Irishwomen’s political writings and response c1603-1801.

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  • Cataloguing Rare Books – Sh*t Explosion

    Cataloguing Rare Books – Sh*t Explosion

    Still too gimpy to drive across the state, so I was skipping the Albany Book Fair that weekend. But Dan Gaeta, who was doing the show, called to tell me about an interesting item he’d found.  It’s nice to have friends! (Dan operates John Bale Book Co., a café and book shop in Waterbury, CT. Talk about a simple but effective website, check ou t John Bale Books) Anyway, since I’ve been home all week, grumpily compiling my next catalog, and since I don’t have a book fair to report on, I thought I’d talk a little about my catalogs.

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  • Collecting - Kipling in Russia

    Collecting - Kipling in Russia

    So much has been written about Kipling, and his books, but there is very little published about his popularity in Russia, which began in the 1890s and continued well into the Soviet era. As far as I can work out, his first appearance in Russian is a translation, by M. Korsh, of The Naulahka, issued at the end of the October 1892 number of Vsemirnaia biblioteka (‘The World Library’, a monthly which published serial translations of foreign literature, presumably for readers to then break up and bind as individual novels).  It’s only 35 pages, and although the final page reads ‘to be continued’, no more of the novel was in fact published at the time.  A full Russian translation, published by Pyotr Soikin, appeared in 1896.  The Naulahka, a Story of West and East was serialised in the Century Magazinefrom November 1891 to July 1892.  It was written together with Wolcott Balestier (the only time Kipling ever collaborated), but the young American died of typhoid fever in December 1891 and Kipling was left to revise the book edition alone (1892).

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