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ANTWERP: Books across the borders - Dutch and Belgian dealers pop up at Antwerp's Bibliotheek Permeke.

LUND: an ILAB Pop Up Fair dedicated exclusively to pop-up books at Akarps antikvariat.

LONDON: British booksellers show their best at Middle Temple Library.

FROM SALISBURY CATHEDRAL TO OXFORD UNIVERSITY: CELESTE the Rare Book Campervan goes on a road trip for UNESCO with Amanda Hall and Susanne Schulz-Falster.


On 23 April 2015, these worldwide events will pop up one after another to show that there is nothing more powerful than BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS! ILAB will follow them up in a 24-hours live-report on this website!

UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated with amazing events promoting the essence of reading and the culture of the book. On April 23, 2015, this day will also be a special day for ILAB.

JOIN US! Fill the empty bookshelves to fight illiteracy and to help buying books for schools in South Sudan!

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  • The Romantic Agony - Documentary Photography

    19 Jun 2015

    The Romantic Agony -  Documentary Photography

    In 1998 J. DEVROE and T. STUBBE, both established bookdealers, started auctioning antiquarian books and prints in Brussels. Devroe and Stubbe are both members of BBA /CLAM and LILA/ILAB and of De...

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  • Abraxas-Libris


    Bécherel - FRANCE

    Specialties: Children's books, First Editions, History, Illustrated books, Old and rare books

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Rare Book Gallery

  • Dard Hunter & Son

    Hunter, Dard, II, and Dard Hunter, III;

    Bookseller: Thorn Books, ABAA

    Dard Hunter & Son
    Newtown, PA Bird & Bull Press 1998 4to. Black quarter morocco and Japanese cloth covered boards with gilt lettering on red leather spine. The... More

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    Price: 1000.00 USD

  • La tr

    (ALLEMAGNE, H.R. d')

    Bookseller: L'intersigne Livres anciens

    La tr
    Joujouville, chez Repin, et se trouve

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    Price: 750.00 EUR

  • Le

    PITRES (A.)

    Bookseller: L'intersigne Livres anciens

    Paris, O. Doin, 1891, 2 vol. in 8

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    Price: 750.00 EUR

  • [Cover title]: The Boxing Instructor: Fighters - Rules Plans and Tricks

    SULLIVAN, John L.

    Bookseller: Between The Covers

    [Cover title]: The Boxing Instructor: Fighters - Rules Plans and Tricks
    Jersey City, N.J.: John L. Sullivan (1937). First edition. 12mo. Stapled torquoise printed wrappers. 20pp., four photographic illustrations in... More

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    Price: 600.00 USD

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  • The Oak Knoll Repricing Saga

    The Oak Knoll Repricing Saga

    The Internet has had a dramatic effect on the prices and availability of antiquarian books. This is great news for the consumer but has required some serious thinking by all of us “old-timers” in the business (I started selling books about books in 1976). What happens when you consistently sell David Randall’s Dukedom Large Enough for $45 for a number of years (fine in dust jacket) but then go on-line today and find it being sold for $18 by other booksellers? This scenario was starting to happen often enough that I decided to sit down one night (November 2009) next to a shelf of my books and analyze how my prices compared to those of other dealers.

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  • London 1949 - The Social Aspect of the Third International Conference of Antiquarian Booksellers

    London 1949 - The Social Aspect of the Third International Conference of Antiquarian Booksellers

    At the height of the festivities, our host produced an unexpected guest, even more belatedly arrived than most of us. His country of origin seemed a little uncertain, and his choice of costume, doubtless a well-meant attempt to conform with English customs - an Ascot topper, blue blazer and flannel trousers - contrasted violently with a flaming beard of patriarchal dimensions and a monocle. But he passed amicably amongst us, leaning on a malacca cane, and was observed to greet with especial cordiality Mr. Ernest Maggs, whom he addressed as "Tovarisch." What finally gave the show away was less the accent than the timbre of a voice now as familiar on the League's platform as in the rostrum at Place du Port - for it was none other than our protean President, W.S.K.

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  • The Professionalization of Library Theft

    The Professionalization of Library Theft

    Travis McDade is Curator of Law Rare Books at the University of Illinois College of Law and author of the upcoming Thieves of Book Row: New York’s Most Notorious Rare Book Ring and the Man Who Stopped It. The book will published by Oxford University Press in May 2013. In this article Travis McDade, who also teaches a class called “Rare Books, Crime & Punishment”, writes about how stolen books can be identified and what book thieves do to prevent this.

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  • Australia’s Willy Wonka: From Home Candy-Making to Confectionery Magnate

    Australia’s Willy Wonka: From Home Candy-Making to Confectionery Magnate

    The man who introduced chewing gum to Australia came from much humbler beginnings. Macpherson Robertson, founder of MacRobertson’s Steam Confectionery Works, is known for building a true candy empire. An innovative marketer, Robertson published a book about his rise to success. The copiously illustrated volume, entitled A Young Man and a Nail Can, romanticizes Robertson’s rags-to-riches story and offers a glimpse into the world of an ingenious businessman who forever changed the world of confections.

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  • The Art of American Book Covers - Ball Covers Identified by Lee Thayer

    The Art of American Book Covers - Ball Covers Identified by Lee Thayer

    In 1970 Charles Gullans and John Espey conducted two interviews with Emma Redington Lee Thayer (1874–1973), co-founder (with Henry Thayer) of Decorative Designers, the New York firm that created thousands of book cover designs. The firm was started about 1895 by Henry, Emma joined him the following year, they married in 1909, were divorced in 1932 and DD closed. In 1919 Lee Thayer, as she then called herself, published her first mystery novel, which was followed by another 60, the last issued in 1966.

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    Jean-Marc DECHAUD.

    Bibliographie critique des ouvrages et traductions de Gabriel Chappuys. Préface de Jean Balsamo. Genève, Droz, 2014

    Gabriel Chappuys est le traducteur français le plus prolifique du dernier quart du XVIe au début du XVIIe siècle. Homme de Lettres vivant de sa plume, il est l’auteur d’une centaine d’ouvrages. Ses choix éditoriaux qui portent plus particulièrement sur des livres italiens ou espagnols fraîchement parus, sont représentatifs d’une époque en pleine mutation. Sa contribution à l’histoire littéraire et spirituelle de son temps est importante, tant par sa quantité que par son caractère novateur et le choix des textes dont certains seront source d’inspiration d’œuvres majeures de Molière, Le Sage ou même Shakespeare. Véritable « passeur », il a mis à disposition du public francophone des éléments capitaux de la culture italienne (L’Arioste, Boccace, Botero, Castiglione, etc.) et espagnole (Alemán, Contreras, Louis de Grenade, Thérèse d’Avila, etc.). L’étude de cet acteur oublié des lettres françaises et de sa production sert à comprendre les mécanismes de la transmission des savoirs dans l’Europe de la fin de la Renaissance.

    Cet ouvrage donne une description bibliographique complète des premières éditions des ouvrages de Chappuys et le recensement de leurs rééditions, les informations pertinentes tirées des dédicaces et des privilèges ainsi qu’une synthèse qui met en lumière le contexte et les éléments déterminants de sa carrière. Index des principales bibliographies citées dans cet ouvrage.



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