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SammelPunkt Antiquariat für Trivialliteratur

Mark Severa
Kalbreitestr. 84
CH-8003 Zürich

The Sammelpunkt offers the whole range of popular literature in its many shapes.
Our heart beats for everything fantastic in text and in drawings. That’s where our focus lies. We try to offer quality material in all the price ranges: From the valuable first editions and collector items to the simple paperback for the avid reader. The new mixes in with the old, the exclusive with readily accessible. The Sammelpunkt is an old fashioned bookstore. Deals are made over the counter, where we have a chance to meet our customers, offer advice and exchange opinions. Our services include appraisals of single pieces or whole collections. Wanted lists are welcome.

- Second-hand genre Literature in German and English: ScienceFiction, Fantasy, Horror, Crime, Western, Adventure…
- From Pulps and Paperbacks to the hardcovers: Many beautiful first editions.
- Comics and Cartoons from the last 200 years in many languages
- Fairy tales and children’s literature in German and English.
- Old newspapers and magazines
- Sticker books, tie-ins, merchandize and promotional materials
- DVDs, Video and Games
All sales are cash. We accept no credit cards. For mail order deals inquire about conditions.
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