Abaúj Antique Bookshop

Abaúj Antique Bookshop
Abaúj Antique Bookshop
Contact person: János Pogány
Address: Táncsics u. 11.
3553 Kistokaj
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Phone: +36204289105
Mobile: +36204289105
Website: www.abaujantique.com
Description of shop: The Abaúj Antique Bookshop which was founded in 1996 by Sándor Balogh and János Pogány is one of the most significant representatives of the Hungarian second-hand book trade.

The second-hand bookshop I lead organizes numerous book auctions year by year in Budapest. I make a catalogue out of the most unique themes every summer. My favourites are autographed books and manuscripts. Autographed books and manuscripts of internationally-recognised writers, poets, historical figures and celebrities can be found in my collection.

You cannot even imagine how many rare books and manuscripts can be found in Central Europe!

I have created the abaujantique.com website in order to make the world aware of us and get to know us. I would like to learn about your interests and to enlarge your own collection with rarities.

Kind Regards from a booklover,

János Pogány

Specialties: - Art
- Autographs
- Avant Garde
- First Editions
- Illustrated books
- Literature
- Music
Opening hours: By appointment only
Association: Magyar Antikváriusok Egyesülete