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  • Woodburn Catalogue 25 Herbs & Herbals

    Woodburn Catalogue 25 Herbs & Herbals

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    Catalogue #25 (September 2017), "Herbs & Herbals," is a 16pp. catalogue that contains 65 items including a number of significant British and American herbals. Highlights include the following: John Gerard's landmark HERBAL (London 1636), with over 2,800 woodcuts of plants; Hill's BRITISH HERBAL (London 1756) with an allegorical frontispiece and 75 copperplate engravings; Abraham Munting's DE VERA ANTIQUORUM HERBA BRITANNICA (Amsterdam 1681), containing 24 engraved plates of plants, all contenders in the author's search for the identity of the true "Herba Britannica" as discussed by early herbalists; and Constantine Rafinesque's MEDICAL FLORA (Philadelphia, PA 1828: 1830), complete with 100 plates of plants printed in green ink. Please contact us at or phone us at (609) 466-0522 if you would like to receive a print version of this catalogue.