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  • IN SITU: Situationism & Its Influence 1957-2010 (Part 1)

    IN SITU: Situationism & Its Influence 1957-2010 (Part 1)

    Bookseller: Brian Cassidy, Bookseller

    • Artists' Books
    • Avant Garde
    • Ephemera
    • Popular Culture
    • Twentieth century

    Other Specialties:
    Situationism and the Situationists.
    View the catalogue (6.27 MB): 3310_Situationism-Part-One.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 3310_Situationism-Part-One.pdf

    I'm pleased to announce our latest e-catalogue (#11.5) entitled IN SITU and dedicated entirely to Situationism. This is our largest catalogue to date (almost 200 items), so we're issuing it in two parts. Part one consists of seventy-five items on Situationism proper: Guy Debord, Raoul Vaneiegem, the INTERNATIONALE SITUATIONNISTE, various sections of the SI, as well as histories of the movement. Part two, forthcoming in a couple of weeks, will chronicle (in more than 100 items) the subsequent influence of Situationism.

  • Provinces de France

    Provinces de France

    Bookseller: Bonnefoi Livres Anciens

    • Anthropology
    • Folklore
    • Local history
    • Mountaineering
    • Popular Culture

    Other Specialties:
    Généralités, Alsace-Lorraine, Artois-Flandre-Picardie, Auvergne-Berry-Limousin, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté-Nivernais, Bretagne-Vendée, Champagne-Ardennes, Dauphiné-Lyonnais-Savoie, Guyenne-Béarn-Languedoc-Vivarais, Maine-Anjou, Normandie, Orléanais-Touraine, Aunis-Poitou-Saintonge, Provence-Corse, Ile-de-France, Paris
    View the catalogue (3.11 MB): 3293_c175.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 3293_c175.pdf

  • Iconography, mass culture, Elitism, and Consumer society

    Iconography, mass culture, Elitism, and Consumer society

    Bookseller: Le Pélican Noir

    • Americana
    • Avant Garde
    • Performing arts
    • Periodicals
    • Popular Culture
    • Posters
    • Prints and drawings

    View the catalogue (483.15 kB): 3277_catalogue iconographie 0417 le pelican noir.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 3277_catalogue iconographie 0417 le pelican noir.pdf

    Parcours chronologique de la fin du XIX ème aux années 1980 . Publicité Menier, Alice au pays des merveilles, Sonia Delaunay et Jean Arp, Bernard Aubertin et Sophie Nemours, Andy Wharol et les magazines qu'il inspira (Interview, Façade, Palace Magazine), et le street Art avec Zlotykamien.

  • Catalogue 47

    Catalogue 47

    Bookseller: Adrian Harrington Rare Books

    • Children's books
    • First Editions
    • Literature
    • Modern first editions
    • Music
    • Popular Culture
    • Twentieth century

    View the catalogue (4.06 MB): 3043_Cat47 - Webversion.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 3043_Cat47 - Webversion.pdf

    The Adrian Harrington Rare Books winter catalogue, containing a selection of highlights in all fields, which offers a number of excellent propsects of gifts for the holidays. The catalogue can be viewed online here:

  • Pulp


    Bookseller: Books of Kells Pty Ltd

    • Comics
    • Crime fiction
    • Popular Culture
    • Science Fiction
    • Twentieth century

    View the catalogue (5.15 MB): 3028_Books of Kells_PULP_2016.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 3028_Books of Kells_PULP_2016.pdf

    A selection of classic pulp paperbacks and comics from Australia and around the world.

  • Future Nostalgia

    Future Nostalgia

    Bookseller: Books of Kells Pty Ltd

    • Comics
    • Crime fiction
    • Fashion and costume
    • Feminism
    • History
    • Humor
    • Popular Culture

    View the catalogue (4.41 MB): 3026_Future Nostalgia_Books of Kells_2016.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 3026_Future Nostalgia_Books of Kells_2016.pdf

    A fun short-list that looks backward to the future.



    Bookseller: Paul Haynes Rare Books

    • Comics
    • Curiosities
    • Ephemera
    • Fantasy
    • Humor
    • Pamphlets
    • Popular Culture

    View the catalogue (6.98 MB): 3002_Caricature.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 3002_Caricature.pdf

    Caricature. A short illustrated catalogue.

  • PRODUCTS FOR THE HOME: Manufacturers’ Catalogs 1900s - 1950s

    PRODUCTS FOR THE HOME:  Manufacturers’ Catalogs 1900s - 1950s

    Bookseller: Old Imprints

    • Architecture
    • Ephemera
    • Maps
    • Popular Culture
    • Women

    View the catalogue (2.16 MB): 2952_home_products_2016.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 2952_home_products_2016.pdf

    This listing contains a wide variety of pamphlets, brochures and catalogs devoted to products for the American home—products manufactured to promote comfort or convenience, often enhanced (so it is claimed) by aesthetic pleasure derived from innovative color or design. These “home product” advertising publications date primarily from the first half of the 20th century, and their relevance to the home is at times complicated by goods manufactured by firms seeking domestic as well as commercial outlets for their product .Then there are the curiosities, of which there appear to be no shortage: for example the “Secret Door Openers” (promoted in item 53871.) Some of the products included in the list, glowingly described by their manufacturers, were subsequently found to be health hazards (for instance, propane gas refrigerators, asbestos floor tiles, wood products enhanced by “toxic preservation” etc.). For those interested in oddities or historic exemplars associated with products for the home, or in the projection of the “new” or “modern” advanced by manufacturers in their focused appeals to female “home-makers,” the catalogs and brochures listed should prove interesting and enlightening. The catalog, organised according to subject and year of publication can be viewed as a pdf online here

  • Counter Culture

    Counter Culture

    Bookseller: Between the Covers Rare Books, Inc.

    • Art
    • Comics
    • Feminism
    • Music
    • Photography
    • Popular Culture
    • Twentieth century

    Other Specialties:
    Counter Culture, Drugs, Marijuana, Art, Illustration, Flyers, Posters, Music, Black Light, Children's Books, Comics, Communes, LSD, Disco, Film, Sex, Sexuality, Erotica, Fluxus, Grunge, Hip Hop, Fiction, Literature, Bikers, Performance Art, Photography, Dance, Protest, Punk, Rave, Rock n Roll, Roller Derby, Tattoo, Vietnam War, Women, Feminism
    View the catalogue (6.24 MB): 2709_C199.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 2709_C199.pdf

    This catalog of 133 Counter Culture items includes posters, flyers, records, ephemera, original art, books, pamphlets, magazines, manuscripts, and other unique finds, many of which are signed or inscribed.

  • CRIMINI FIRMATI · 101 Mystery and Spy Authors from the Collection of Rolando Pieraccini

    CRIMINI FIRMATI · 101 Mystery and Spy Authors from the Collection of Rolando Pieraccini

    Bookseller: Pontremoli Libreria di Lucia Di Maio & Giovanni Milani

    • Autographs
    • Cinema
    • Manuscripts
    • Modern first editions
    • Popular Culture

    Other Specialties:
    Crime and Mystery authors and novels
    View the catalogue (18.75 MB): 2537_PONTREMOLI-Crimine-2015.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 2537_PONTREMOLI-Crimine-2015.pdf

    272 pages, 711 lots, circa one thousand items, fully described, and illustrated in colour. Autographs, signed books and first editions, signed photos, featuring: Eric Ambler, James Headly Chase, Agatha Christie, Fruttero & Lucentini, Frederick Forsyth, Graham Greene, Patricia Highsmith, John le Carré, Ellery Queen, Giorgio Scerbanenco, and many other crime and mystery writers.

    Rolando Pieraccini is a collector and publisher. Within the 'Mistery and Crime Authors in Signed Limited Editions' Eurographica series, he published quite a number of those writers. He was a good friend of Graham Greene, Thomas Narcejac, H.R.F. Keating, Julian Symons, Georges Simenon.

    --FULL LIST--

    Joan Aiken

    Eric Ambler

    Luciano Anselmi

    Evelyn Anthony

    Luciana Attoli

    Michael Avallone

    Claude Aveline

    Desmond Bagley

    Lamberto Benvenuti

    Anthony Berkeley


    Ray Bradbury

    Ernest Bramah

    James Cain

    Andrea Camilleri

    Victor Canning

    Leslie Charteris

    James Hadley Chase

    Peter Cheyney

    Agatha Christie

    George Harmon Coxe

    John Creasey

    Michael Crichton

    Freeman Willis Crofts

    Ursula Curtiss

    Dorothy Salisbury Davis

    Len Deighton

    August Derleth

    Gérard de Villiers

    Thomas B. Dewey

    Francis Durbridge

    Mignon G. Eberhart

    Clive Egleton

    Stanley Ellin

    Maurice-Bernard Endrèbe

    Franco Enna

    Elizabeth Ferrars

    Bruno Fischer

    Robert L. Fish

    Frederick Forsyth

    John Fowles

    Nicolas Freeling

    Austin R. Freeman

    Brian Freemantle

    Fruttero & Lucentini

    Émile Gaboriau

    John Gardner

    Erle Stanley Gardner

    Brian Garfield

    Michael Gilbert

    James Grady

    Bruce Graeme

    William H. Hallahan

    Brett Halliday

    Donald Hamilton

    Jack Higgins

    Patricia Highsmith

    Reginald Hill

    Edward D. Hoch

    Sidney Horler

    E.W. Hornung

    Dorothy Hughes

    P.D. James

    H.R.F. Keating

    Paul Kenny

    Hans Hellmut Kirst

    John le Carré

    Paolo Levi

    Richard Lockridge

    Peter Lovesey

    Robert Ludlum

    Gavin Lyall

    Loriano Macchiavelli

    John D. MacDonald

    Helen MacInnes

    Ngaio Marsh

    Ed McBain

    Philip McCutchan

    Gregory McDonald

    Gladys Mitchell

    Christopher Nicole

    Ellis Peters

    Bill Pronzini

    Ellery Queen

    Ruth Rendell

    Mary Rinehart

    Sax Rohmer

    Antonis Samarakis

    Giorgio Scerbanenco

    Robert Sheckley

    Georges Simenon

    Maj Sjöwall

    Mickey Spillane

    Rex Stout

    Julian Symons

    Elleston Trevor

    S.S. Van Dine

    Attilio Veraldi

    Donald E. Westlake

    Cornell Woolrich

    last but not least: an homage to Graham Greene