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  • 2017 No. 6

    2017 No. 6

    Bookseller: Asher Rare Books (Since 1830)

    • Architecture
    • History
    • Old and rare books
    • Russia
    • Scandinavia
    • Travel

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    Download the catalogue: 3488_2017 No 6 Copenhagen.pdf

    Published on the occassion of the Scandinavian Antiquarian Book Fair 2017.

  • Travel: Siberia, Russia, Caucasus, Inner Asia, Pacific, World travel

    Travel: Siberia, Russia, Caucasus, Inner Asia, Pacific, World travel

    Bookseller: Antiquariat Dr. Paul Kainbacher

    • Asia
    • Australiana
    • Pacificana
    • Polar
    • Russia
    • Southeast Asia
    • Travel

    Other Specialties:
    Oceanic and World travel
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    Download the catalogue: 3473_Katalog XIII.pdf

    Kapitel 1: Sibirien und Arktis, Kaukasus und Innerasien

    Kapitel 2: Inseln und Meere, die Südsee und mehr

    Mit Beiträgen von Gastautoren:

    Prof. Dr. Hermann Mückler: Russlands Ambitionen im Nordpazifik und dessen Blick auf die Südsee.

    Ralf Eigl: Der Brotbaum im Spiegel der Reiseliteratur des 18. Jahrhunderts.

    Eine bio- bibliographische Abhandlung.

  • List for Olympia book fair 2016

    List for Olympia book fair 2016

    Bookseller: Biblionne

    • Children's books
    • First Editions
    • Illustrated books
    • Literature
    • Performing arts
    • Posters
    • Russia

    View the catalogue (2.1 MB): 2826_Biblionne_Olympia2016.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 2826_Biblionne_Olympia2016.pdf

  • List for Boston Book fair 2015

    List for Boston Book fair 2015

    Bookseller: Biblionne

    • Art
    • Avant Garde
    • Children's books
    • Illustrated books
    • Russia
    • Theatre
    • Twentieth century

    Other Specialties:
    Modern first editions
    First editions
    Banned books
    View the catalogue (4.35 MB): 2758_Biblionne_Boston2015.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 2758_Biblionne_Boston2015.pdf

    - First appearance of The Master and Margarita. Handmade book.
    - Bulgakov and Gogol under one cover
    - Kustodiev's illustrations for Gogol's prose
    - Mars as the first bolshevik utopia
    - Dark public relations or Russian flea in England
    - Early graphic works of Alexander Yakovlev
    - The Great Gatsby speaks Ukranian
    - The Great Gatsby speaks Czech
    - First published work by Boris Pasternak as a translator
    - First appearance of any James Joyce's book in Russia
    - A Connecticut Yankee first time in Russia
    - Planetarium only looks like a church
    - Serapion sister for children
    - How is chocolate made?
    - Activity book
    - Photobooks for youths. Treasure hunt
    - Is it realy political report, not children book?
    - Stalin's cult of ersonality in 30s
    - Stalin's cult of personality in 40s
    - Constructivism
    - Nomenklatura samizdat

  • List for New York book fair 2016

    List for New York book fair 2016

    Bookseller: Biblionne

    • Cartography
    • Dance
    • Economics
    • First Editions
    • Modern first editions
    • Russia
    • Socialism

    Other Specialties:
    Twentieth century
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    Download the catalogue: 2757_Biblionne_2016_NY_catalogue.pdf

    - Two earliest Lenin's books uniformly bound and complete with the original covers
    - The first Lenin's article separately published typographically
    - Original version of Russian Social Democratic Labour Party program
    - The Bulgakov's masterpiece. First book edition in Russian
    - Original edition of Taneev's reduction of Tchaikovsky's The Nutckracker for piano.
    - Russian ballet. Photos of Galina Ulanova
    - Coloured maps of Kodiak, Woody and Pribilof islands
    - First Stephen Crane's magazine story in first Crane's book in Russian
    - 30.000 volunteers wanted. First Russian edition of The Red Badge of Courage
    - First Russian editions of Hemingway's stories
    - Russian James Joyce misprint
    - Ukranian design for Hemingway
    - First apearance of Salinger in Ukranian in book format

  • California Book Fairs 2016

    California Book Fairs 2016

    Bookseller: Douglas Stewart Fine Books

    • Americana
    • Old and rare books
    • Photography
    • Religion
    • Russia
    • Travel

    View the catalogue (3.56 MB): 2601_DSFB_California_2016.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 2601_DSFB_California_2016.pdf

    We will be exhibiting at the San Francisco Antiquarian Book Print & Paper Fair, San Mateo, February 5-6 2016; and at the 49th California International Antiquarian Book Fair, Pasadena, February 12-14, 2016.

  • Archives


    Bookseller: Voyager Press Rare Books & Manuscripts

    • Archeology
    • Egyptology
    • Far East
    • Military
    • Russia
    • Theatre
    • Transportation

    View the catalogue (10.01 MB): 2556_Archives2016SMALL.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 2556_Archives2016SMALL.pdf

    Highlights include:

    1871 - Research Documents of Authoritative Historian & Author, Brian Roberts on Blood Diamonds of Africa
    1874 - British Navy Officer's Personal Letters, Photographs, Drawings and Journals kept during his post at the North American Post in Newfoundland
    1900 - Extensive Egyptian Archive and Works of Archaeologist Freiherr Friedrich Wilhelm von Bissing - Journals, Photographs, Drawing
    1936 - Missionary's Account of Serving the People of Sarawak in Boreo over 20+ years with Letter, Photographs, and Chief's Tribal Necklace

  • Catalogue Dijon

    Catalogue Dijon

    Bookseller: Librairie Cart-Tanneur

    • Auctions
    • Bindings
    • Literature
    • Local history
    • Medicine
    • Old and rare books
    • Russia

    View the catalogue (1.16 MB): 2509_CATALOGUE DIJON.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 2509_CATALOGUE DIJON.pdf

  • Catalogue 71

    Catalogue 71

    Bookseller: Librairie Michel Bouvier

    • General Stock
    • Russia

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    Download the catalogue: 2431_Catalogue 71.pdf

  • Melbourne 2015

    Melbourne 2015

    Bookseller: Douglas Stewart Fine Books

    • Art
    • Australiana
    • Natural history
    • Old and rare books
    • Russia
    • Travel

    View the catalogue (5.85 MB): 2327_DSFB_Melbourne_2015.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 2327_DSFB_Melbourne_2015.pdf

    63 rare books and documents from 1459 - 2012 in the fields of exploration, ethnography, photography, children's and fine art.