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  • Musinsky 2015 / I

    Musinsky 2015 / I

    Bookseller: Musinsky Rare Books, Inc.

    • Architecture
    • Bindings
    • Classics/Antiquity
    • Early printing
    • Illustrated books
    • Incunabula
    • Renaissance

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    Download the catalogue: 2068_Musinsky catalogue 2015 One.pdf

    Please find herewith our first e-catalogue for 2015. It contains 27 items from the 15th century to 1850, largely recent acquisitions. The highlights are two sixteenth-century German illustrated vernacular story collections, both legendary rarities, and a splendid copy of the first edition of Wendel Dietterlin’s earliest architectural design books, which foreshadowed surrealism and perspective-bending artists like Escher.
    Also in the catalogue are a board game for determining one’s career path for 19th-century teenagers; a thieving bibliophile’s magnum opus on world languages, in a presentation copy to the French royal pretender; a 16th-century astrology manual in a contemporary dyed vellum flap (or “wallet”) binding; a guide to relics with advice on how to contemplate them; a pair of prostitutes’ laments on improved lighting in Paris streets; a typological treatise containing engraved models for stained glass; and other oddities of which you will find few if any copies elsewhere, either in OCLC, in Via Libri, or in digitized formats.