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  • A selection of book on medicine

    A selection of book on medicine

    Bookseller: Antikvariat Ström

    • Medicine

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    A selection of medical books from 1551 to 1831 including rare editions of Galen, Dujardin, Ioannis Baptista van Helmont, Gaspare Tagliacozzi, Pierre Tarin and Johannes Vesling.

  • E-Catalogue #4: Medical Motley

    E-Catalogue #4: Medical Motley

    Bookseller: Ken Sanders Rare Books

    • Medicine

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  • Science, Medicine and Technology

    Bookseller: Leo Cadogan Rare Books Ltd

    • Medicine

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  • Special List 270: Eighteen 16th-c. Books Not in KVK

    Bookseller: Richard C. Ramer

    • History
    • Law
    • Mathematics
    • Medicine
    • Religion

    Other Specialties:
    Spain, Portugal
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    Eighteen Sixteenth-Century Books not Located in German, Swiss or Austrian Libraries (22 databases searched via KVK). with full-color illustrations.

  • Rare Books, Decorative Prints, Historical Photography

    Rare Books, Decorative Prints, Historical Photography

    Bookseller: Jeschke van Vliet Auctions Berlin GmbH

    • Art
    • Manuscripts
    • Medicine
    • Modern illustrated books
    • Old and rare books
    • Prints and drawings
    • Travel

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  • List April 2017

    List April 2017

    Bookseller: Govi Rare Books

    • Early printing
    • Illustrated books
    • Medicine
    • Music
    • Old and rare books

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  • Science & Nature

    Science & Nature

    Bookseller: Henry Sotheran Ltd.

    • Botany
    • Medicine
    • Natural history
    • Ornithology
    • Science and technology
    • Zoology

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  • Livres et manuscrits anciens

    Livres et manuscrits anciens

    Bookseller: Hugues de Latude

    • Early printing
    • Incunabula
    • Manuscripts
    • Medicine
    • Natural history
    • Old and rare books
    • Science and technology

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  • Auction. Voyages and exploration, rare medical books, art, photographs, literature, maps, prints and Australiana

    Auction. Voyages and exploration, rare medical books, art, photographs, literature, maps, prints and Australiana

    Bookseller: Michael Treloar Antiquarian Booksellers

    • Atlases and maps
    • Auctions
    • Australiana
    • Autographs
    • Medicine
    • Photography
    • Travel

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    Book Auction
    5 and 6 April 2017 at 6:30 pm AEST
    St George's Anglican Church Hall
    296 Glenferrie Road, Malvern, Victoria

    Wednesday 5 April 2017
    The John Belson White Collection of Australian and Pacific voyages, First Fleet journals and Australiana.

    Thursday 6 April 2017
    Rare Victoriana, important early medical books, art and literature, photographs, manuscripts, and a broad miscellany.

    Fully illustrated catalogue at

    Highlights of the first evening include:
    - Peron and Freycinet’s Voyage de Decouvertes aux Terres Australes [Historique] (1807-16, complete with the two-part atlas augmented with the 25 plates normally found only in the second edition atlas of 1824)
    - Cook’s three voyages, offered separately (the third voyage, 1784, complete with the large folio atlas)
    - Parkinson (1773) and Forster (1777)
    - First Fleet journals by White (a hand-coloured copy), Hunter and Phillip
    - works by Dampier, Brosses, Bligh, La Perouse, Labillardiere, Dillon and Wilkes
    - atlases by La Pérouse (Charts and Plates to La Pérouse's Voyage, London, 1798); Vandermaelan (Atlas Universel … Sixième Partie – Océanique, 1827); and Dumont d’Urville (the rare and magnificent atlas to accompany the hydrographic section of the official account of Dumont-d'Urville's second voyage, 1847)
    - rare Australian maps of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

    Highlights of the second evening include:
    - albums of photographs and 16 original glass-plate negatives from the Elder Scientific Exploration Expedition, 1891-2, the first Australian expedition on which the camera was successfully used. The albums are of the utmost rarity; the unique negatives are the only ones known to exist from the expedition
    - pioneering early books on anatomy by Andreas Vesalius (1555, 1568, 1725 and 1934/5]
    - works by Thomas Browne (1642, 1645 and 1658)
    - Osleriana (including rare books, signed copies, letters and photographs)
    - signed copies of works by J.M. Coetzee (including unique copies of his Booker Prize-winning novels)
    - Shackleton’s Heart of the Antarctic (1909, first edition, the deluxe large-paper issue with the fully-signed supplementary volume in its first uncorrected state)
    - Shackleton’s South (1919, first edition, first impression, with the contemporary ownership details of Richard Walter Richards, one of the Ross Sea Shore Party)



    Bookseller: Il Cartiglio Libreria Antiquaria di Roberto Cena & C.snc

    • Atlases and maps
    • Botany
    • First Editions
    • Medicine
    • Science and technology

    Other Specialties:
    Astronomy and cosmography
    View the catalogue (5.58 MB): 3203_Catalog - PER SITO E NEWSLETTER.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 3203_Catalog - PER SITO E NEWSLETTER.pdf

    Dear Friends and Colleagues,
    we are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting even this year at the New York Antiquarian Book Fair - booth A22.

    During the last months we collected a selection of rare books concerning astrology, cosmography and science in general that we are presenting now in our new catalog that you can download here.

    We look forward to seeing you at the Fair.