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The World's Best Rare Books, Offered By The World's Best Rare Book Dealers - A Selection of Catalogues Published this Month

  • Liste n°23 - 46 livres

    Liste n°23 - 46 livres

    Bookseller: Librairie Prévost

    • General Stock

    View the catalogue (1.61 MB): 2311_Liste 23 PREVOST.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 2311_Liste 23 PREVOST.pdf

  • Architecture, Interior Decoration, Design

    Architecture, Interior Decoration, Design

    Bookseller: Antiquariat Heinz Rohlmann

    • Architecture
    • Avant Garde
    • Periodicals
    • Twentieth century

    View the catalogue (5.94 MB): 2308_List 255.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 2308_List 255.pdf

  • Catalogue 197

    Catalogue 197

    Bookseller: Librairie Le Trait d'Union

    • Archeology

    Other Specialties:
    Antiquariat - Archéologie - Fine Arts - Illustrated books (Chagall, Lemarié, Miro, Picasso, Riopel, Touchet) - French history - Local - Miscellaneous - Travels
    View the catalogue (1.86 MB): 2306_Catalogue197.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 2306_Catalogue197.pdf

  • Livres Anciens

    Livres Anciens

    Bookseller: Librairie Kronis Livres anciens

    • Africana
    • General Stock
    • Travel

    View the catalogue (1.14 MB): 2305_2_2015.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 2305_2_2015.pdf

  • Selection Summer 2015

    Selection Summer 2015

    Bookseller: Antiquariat Peter Fritzen

    • Atlases and maps

    View the catalogue (7.86 MB): 2304_Sommer 2015.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 2304_Sommer 2015.pdf

  • Summer 2015

    Summer 2015

    Bookseller: Antiquariat Turszynski

    • Curiosities
    • Early printing
    • Erotica
    • Freemasonry
    • Occult
    • Old and rare books

    View the catalogue (4.77 MB): 2303_Sommer 2015.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 2303_Sommer 2015.pdf

  • Special List 207: Political Thought: 67 Items, Sixteenth to Twentieth Centuries

    Special List 207: Political Thought: 67 Items, Sixteenth to Twentieth Centuries

    Bookseller: Richard C. Ramer

    • History
    • Philosophy
    • Political Science

    Other Specialties:
    Portuguese, Spanish
    View the catalogue (1.38 MB): 2302_SL207.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 2302_SL207.pdf

    Political Thought: 67 items, 16th to 20th centuries

  • Pulp June 2015

    Pulp June 2015

    Bookseller: Books of Kells Pty Ltd

    • Americana
    • Australiana
    • Crime fiction
    • Fantasy
    • Popular Culture
    • Science Fiction
    • Women

    View the catalogue (9.55 MB): 2301_PULP June 2015_BooksofKells_150615.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 2301_PULP June 2015_BooksofKells_150615.pdf

    An important selection of rare and classic pulps, many of them Australian

  • Short List No. 159 - Books on Books, Bookplates, Printing, &c.

    Short List No. 159 - Books on Books, Bookplates, Printing, &c.

    Bookseller: Gaston Renard Fine and Rare Books

    • Auctions
    • Bibliography
    • Bibliophilia
    • Bindings
    • Book Plates
    • Books about Books
    • History of printing

    View the catalogue (2.76 MB): 2300_Short List 159.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 2300_Short List 159.pdf

  • Woodburn Catalogue 21 Landscape & Gardens

    Woodburn Catalogue 21 Landscape & Gardens

    Bookseller: Woodburn Books

    • Botany
    • Gardening
    • Illustrated books
    • Natural history
    • Old and rare books

    Other Specialties:
    American Horticultural Literature, Garden Design, Garden History, Herbs & Herbals, Landscape Architecture, Plants
    View the catalogue (865.92 kB): 2299_Catalogue 21.pdf
    Download the catalogue: 2299_Catalogue 21.pdf

    Horticulture Catalogue #21 (June 2015) - "Landscape & Gardens" - is a full-size 24pp. catalogue that contains 228 books on garden design, landscape architecture, and gardens from around the world. There is also a section on rock, wall, and water gardens at the rear of the catalogue. Highlights include: Brooke's GARDENS OF ENGLAND, 11 (of 19) properties complete with all illustrations and text, London 1857; Dezallier d'Argenville's DIE GARTNEREY, 39 plates, Augsburg 1731; and Switzer's INTRODUCTION TO A GENERAL SYSTEM OF HYDROSTATICKS & HYDRAULICKS, 62 engraved plates, London 1729. Please contact us at or phone us at (609) 466-0522 if you would like to receive a print copy of this catalogue.