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The Girolamini Thefts - Marino Massimo de Caro Sentenced to 7 Years Imprisonment

In April 2012 it was announced that 1500 books were missing from one of the richest and oldest libraries in Italy: the Girolamini Library in Naples. Shortly afterwards the library’s director Marino Massimo de Caro was suspended, then arrested and accused of embezzlement along with four accomplices from Argentina and Ukraine.

Now, Napoli Today reports that Marino Massimo De Caro was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment and lifetime exclusion from public office following an expedited trial for the embezzlement of hundreds of volumes from the Girolamini Library. The other defendants received shorter sentences:

"Viktoriya Pavlovsky received a prison term of sixty-four months and permanent exclusion from public office; Alejandro Cabello and Mirko Camuri were sentenced to fifty-six months in person and a five-year exclusion from office; and Lorena Paola Weigandt Federico Roncoletti received sentences of thirty-two months in prison." (PhiloBiblos)

Preliminary hearings relating to the charge of criminal conspiracy for De Caro and 13 other defendants will begin on March 26.

An article by Michael Stillman in the March issue of AE Monthly also mentions another suspect in the Girolamini case:

"A bookbinder from Bologna has been charged with adding a new dimension to his job description. This is just the latest development in the miserable Girolamini Library theft case. It is now believed around 4,000 books were stolen from the Girolamini Library in Naples, Italy. It is one of the largest book thefts in recent memory. The bookbinder becomes the sixth person arrested in the case with more arrests expected."

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Published since 18 Mar 2013