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Bibliographies - Johann Gutenberg

Bibliographies - Johann Gutenberg

Johann Gutenberg from Mainz invented the printing with movable types. The “Gutenberg Bible” was the first book printed, and is one of the rarest treasures today. 48 copies survived that are kept in the Gutenberg Museum (Mainz), in Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, Cambridge, London, Eaton, Oxford, Tokyo, Vienna, the Vatican and other places. Among the many website on Gutenberg these are recommended:

Gutenberg Museum Mainz

The Gutenberg Museum, Mainz, is one of the oldest museums of printing in the world, with a well-known print and book-plate collection. The website provides information about the collections, exhibitions, the history of printing, the practice of printing with movable types and the life of Gutenberg.

Gutenberg Homepage

Some information about the technique of printing in Gutenberg’s time, and a list with the libraries where the remaining copies of the Gutenberg Bible are kept.

Gutenberg Bible Census

A chronological history of the Gutenberg Bible and all surviving copies.

Gutenberg Digital

View the Gutenberg Bible in the internet. A project fo the University Library of Göttingen (Germany)

The Gutenberg Bible at the Ransom Center

Digital images of the Gutenberg Bible kept in the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas (Austin), with valuable additional information about the book before Gutenberg, Gutenberg himself, the printing of the bible, the spread of printing etc.

Published since 18 Dec 2009