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Bibliographies - Early Printing

Bibliographies - Early Printing

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Essential for the description of early Italian printings. The database comprises books printed in Italy between 1501 and 1600 that are kept in more than 1500 libraries today


The major reference work for books printed in Germany between 1501 and 1600, available as a print version and as an online database with various search options. One of the many digital projects initiated by the Bavarian State Library, Munich.


The major reference work for books printed in German speaking countries between 1601 and 1700. The database contains more than 261.700 titles at present.

English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC)

Books published between 1473 and 1800, mainly, but not exclusively in English, from the collections of the British Library and more 2.000 other libraries, over 460,000 items in an online database

Nineteenth Century Short Title Catalogue (NSTC)

The printed record of the English-speaking world from the beginning of the 19th century to the end of the First World War, comprising more than 1.2 million records drawn from eight copyright and research libraries

R.I.E.C.H. – Printers in Switzerland

Répertoire des imprimeurs et éditeurs suisses  actifs avant 1800 - Early printings in Switzerland before 1800, a project of the Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire de Lausanne

Short Title Catalogue Netherlands (STCN)

Books printed in the Netherlands between 1540 and 1800 - Dutch bibliography, containing bibliographical descriptions of all books published in the Netherlands between those dates, and of all books in Dutch published abroad. The STCN is a work in progress, compiled and published  by Koninklijke Bibliotheek, National Library of the Netherlands (The Hague), It contains more than 170,000 titles with 420,000 copies and will be completed in 2009/2010.

Early Printings in the Utrecht University Library

Printers, dates and places of their printings, variations of their names, and references.

Short Title Catalogue Flanders (STCF)

Online bibliography of books printed in 17th century Flanders. The initial phase of the project, which was realised with support from the Max-Wildiers Fund focused on Dutch books printed between 1601 and 1700 within the present-day boundaries of Flanders (including Brussels). Now, works printed in other languages (Latin, Spanish, French) are added to the STCF. 

Henry Thomas, Short-title catalogue of books printed in Spain

Short-title catalogue of books printed in Spain and of Spanish books printed elsewhere in Europe before 1601 now in the British museum (1921)

Early Canadiana Online

Database for early printing in Canada (either in English or in French)

Swedish Prints before 1700

Online bibliography of Swedish prints before 1700, in Swedish, with collations, variations, further editions, a commentary, and footnotes with further literature – for each item in the database.

BHV Les Bibliothèques Virtuelles Humanistes

Online database for early printing books on Humanism and from the Renaissance, with facsimiles, and information about printers, iconography, printing history etc.

Italien prints at the Bodleian Library

Bodleian Library, Biblioteca italica ossia Catalogo de' testi a stampa citati nel Vocabolario degli Accademici della Crusca: e di altri libri italiani pregevoli e rari già posseduti dal C.A.M. ed ora passati in proprietà della Biblioteca bodleiana 1852

Published since 18 Dec 2009