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Wanted! ILAB Internship!

Wanted! ILAB Internship!

A global "ILAB School" without borders: The International League of Antiquarian Booksellers offers internships to students and beginners in the rare book trade who wish to widen their knowledge through practical learning and to plug into the worldwide network of antiquarian bookselling.  All ILAB booksellers are very welcome to join the ILAB Internship Program and to provide young students an opportunity to gain invaluable hands-on experience in the international rare book business at any time and in any place in the world. Applicants are carefully chosen after they have contacted ILAB Vice-President Norbert Donhofer, who has initiated the Internship Program in 2009 together with Eric Waschke (Canada) and Professor Dr. Olga Tarakanowa (Moscow State University of the Printing Arts).

Former interns spent six to eight weeks in Austria, Netherlands, Germany and Hungary  (Alena Lavrenova and Anastasya Zhikhareva),  Australia (Pavel Chepyzhov and Maria Rodionova), the United Kingdom (Valentina Rudnitskaya), the United States (Julia Kulyamzina), and in Spain (Ksenia Batueva). Right now ILAB is looking for the following internship:

Giovanni Petrocelli

Address: Via Maragliano, 33, 50144, Florence, Italy

Born: 1st June 1986  

>>> email 


2013 - 2014:  Laurea in Scienze archivistiche e biblioteconomiche, Master's Degree, University of Florence (bibliography, book classification, paleography, public and private archives science)

2011 - 2012:  Laurea in Storia e tutela dei beni culturali, curriculum Archivistico e biblioteconomico, Bachelor's Degree, University of Florence (library science, history of book and libraries, palaeography, archival science, Latin, history of art)

Thesis: Biblioteche religiose in Lucania nel XVI secolo (Religious libraries of Lucania in the XVI century)

2006 - 2009:  Laurea in Studi Interculturali (Intercultural Studies: Norwegian, English and Swedish languages, literatures and cultures), Bachelor's Degree, University of Florence

Thesis: Le molte voci della Norvegia occupata. La trilogia di Dag Solstad sulla Seconda Guerra Mondiale. Dag Solstad's Trilogy on WW II)

1999 - 2004: Classical studies (Classic languages and literatures, Italian literature, law, economy), Diploma, Liceo Classico “G.Pascoli”, Via Paschiere, 85059, Viggiano


2011 - 2014: Theatre and Stage technician for orchestras and bands concerts

2010: Internship at Libreria degli Alfani (Via degli Alfani 84, Florence): management, book selling

Professional Qualification

Language skills: Italian (native), English, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Latin

Competencies: Microsoft Office, Open Office, online researches, digital catalogues

Other: Good aptitude for group work and cooperation.

Interests: Deeply interested in ancient printed books. Some experience gained during studies, above all in bibliographic researches

Personal statement

“During my studies at the University of Florence and thanks to my professor I kept in contact with the ancient printed book as a physical object.  My Bachelor's degree thesis dealt with book collections from XVI century's monasteries of an Italian region which is quite closed off from the rest of Italy and I'm trying to perfect my work now, writing my master's degree thesis. I decided to dedicate myself to this discipline quite (but not so) late, as you can see, but I don't repudiate my previous studies in foreign literatures, because they still are a tangible and useful part of my education. I had also the opportunity to live and study in Norway for one year , where I improved my language skills, and that allowed me to be quite appreciated in my present job, which I do mostly with foreigners. I share the belief that antiquarian booksellers are one of the main sources to increase the knowledge in this field.”

>>> For further information please contact Norbert Donhofer  

Published since 10 Mar 2014