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Save the dates! International Antiquarian Book Fairs 2014 / 2015, under the auspices of ILAB

Save the dates! International  Antiquarian  Book  Fairs  2014  /  2015,  under the auspices of ILAB

Book lovers will be busy in the upcoming weeks. From 1st to 8th April the intellectually curious meet in New York City for the Rare Book Week - the largest gathering of its kind with numerous fairs, exhibitions, lectures and auctions. The week is headlined by the 54th annual New York Antiquarian Book Fair, where over 200 international dealers display an astonishing array of rare books, fine art, maps, manuscripts, and ephemera. And as soon as the fair is closed bibliophiles pack again their bags and suitcases to fly to Paris where another major event in the bibliophile calendar takes place: The Salon International du Livre Ancien at the beautiful Grand Palais in Paris is regarded as the most elegant fair worldwide. The prestigious event, in this year's edition the 25th ILAB International Antiquarian Book Fair with even more high-class offers by exhibitors from Europe, the United States, Argentina, and Japan runs from 11th to 13th April and will immediately be followed by the 41st Congress of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB).

Whether  you  already  have  your  own  personal  library  or  would  like  to  dive into  the  world  of  collecting,  this  is  your  opportunity  to  explore  the  world  of  books  with  the leading experts  in  their  fields. Whether  you  are  an  experienced  or  novice  book  collector,  a  librarian  or  an  archivist,  a  scholar  or  an  academic,  or  are  simply  interested  in  books  and  the  book  arts  in  general,  this is your chance to find  something  to  your  taste. And be sure: If you have once experienced the fascinating feeling of finding a book, you have never thought you were looking for, you will never be able to stop again!

Over the year and on all continents, there is an exquisite selection of antiquarian book fairs under the auspices of ILAB, where book collectors and the world’s leading experts share their passion for the printed book and our written heritage.

Save the dates in your calendar!

Save the dates! International  Antiquarian  Book  Fairs  2014  /  2015,  under the auspices of ILAB

54th  New  York  Antiquarian  Book  Fair  

April  3-6,  2014
The  Park  Avenue  Armory,  New  York  (United  States)

"The best book fair in the world"  -  Andy  Rooney.  “It  is  exciting  in  a  way  you  probably  don't  expect  when  you  just  hear  the  word  Book  Fair.  Well,  to  me  it  is  just  as  exciting  as  sitting  in  the  dark  of  the  theatre  and  watch  a  horror  film!    This  experience  is  not  horror.  But  it's  just  as  exciting!”  -  Yoko  Ono.  Book  lovers  will  find  a  fascinating  treasure  trove  at  the  Park  Avenue  Armory.    Over  200  American  and  international  dealers  will  exhibit  at  The  New  York  Antiquarian  Book  Fair,    bringing  a  vast  selection  of  rare  books,  maps,  manuscripts,  illuminated  manuscripts  and  ephemera.

Organized  by  the  Antiquarian  Booksellers’  Association  of  America,  ABAA

More information:

Salon  International  du  Livre  Ancien    /  25th  ILAB  International  Antiquarian  Book  Fair

April  11-13,  2014

41st  Congress  of  the  International  League  of  Antiquarian  Booksellers  (ILAB)

April  13-16,  2014  
Grand  Palais,  Paris  (France)

ILAB  and  SLAM  are  pleased  to  announce  that  the  41st  ILAB  Congress  will  run  in  Paris  from  the  13th  to  16th  April,  2014,  to  coincide  with  the  100th  anniversary  of  SLAM.  The  Paris  Congress  will  immediately  follow  the  International  Antiquarian  Book  Fair  at  the  Grand  Palais  scheduled  from  10th  to  13th  of  April  2014.  The  Paris  Fair offers  its  ever  increasing  number  of  visitors  a  panorama  of  the  highlights  of  our  written  heritage,  together  with  a  vast  selection  of  engravings  and  drawings,  presented  by  leading  professionals  from  around  the  world.  Manuscripts,  incunabula,  exceptional  bindings,  early  maps  and  photographs,  autographs,  old  and  contemporary  prints  and  drawings,  provide  a  fascinating  potpourri  of  works  for  the  collector  and  neophyte  alike.    

Organized  by  the  Syndicat  National  de  la  Librairie  Ancienne  et  Moderne,  SLAM

More information:

Save the dates! International  Antiquarian  Book  Fairs  2014  /  2015,  under the auspices of ILAB

Madrid  International  Antiquarian  Book  Fair  

May  15-17,  2014
Hotel  Wellington,  Madrid  (Spain)

One of two major book fair events in Spain - The International Antiquarian Book Fair at the Wellington Hotel, Madrid, alternates with the Barcelona International Antiquarian Book Fair at the Casa Batlló, Barcelona.

Organized  by  the  Iberian  Antiquarian  Booksellers'  Association,  AILA

More information:

57th  London  International  Antiquarian  Book  Fair  at  Olympia

May  22-24,  2014
National  Hall  (Olympia),  London  (United  Kingdom)

This  major  three-day  event  is  one  of  the  highlights  in  the  world  for  book  lovers  and  collectors  –  and  centre-piece  of  the  London  Book  Fair  Week.  In  the  light  and  airy  National  Hall  at  Olympia,  you  will  find  thousands  of  rare,  unusual  and  unique  items  offered  for  sale  by  180  leading  UK  and  international  dealers.  At  the  fair  you  can  view,  handle  and  buy  books,  maps,  prints,  photographs,  manuscripts,  and  original  art  work  spanning  the  centuries.  All  items  are  freely  available  for  inspection  before  purchase  and  in  contrast  to  the  e-book  or  downloaded  text,  here  you  may  hold  a  remarkable  piece  of  history  in  your  hand.  

Organized  by  the  Antiquarian  Booksellers'  Association,  ABA

More information:

Save the dates! International  Antiquarian  Book  Fairs  2014  /  2015,  under the auspices of ILAB

42nd  ANZAAB  Australian  Antiquarian  Book  Fair

July  25-27,  2014

Incorporated  in  the  Melbourne  Rare  Book  Week

July  17-27,  2014
Wilson  Hall,  Melbourne  (Australia)

The  Melbourne  Rare  Book  Week  is  a  major  attraction  for  book  collectors,  librarians  and  all  who  have  a  love  of  words,  print  on  paper  and  heritage.  As  part  of  Rare  Book  Week,  the  42nd  ANZAAB  Australian  Antiquarian  Book  Fair  will  be  held  at  the  University  of  Melbourne's  historic  Wilson  Hall,  with  free  admission  to  all  visitors.  Leading  Australian  and  international  antiquarian  booksellers  will  bring  a  rich  and  diverse  array  of  books  together  that  cater  for  all  who  genuinely  love  print  on  paper.  Subjects  including  early  printed  books,  maps,  historical  accounts  of  travel  and  exploration,  prints,  literature,  art,  children's  books,  and  ephemera  will  be  offered  for  sale  at  prices  to  suit  all  levels  of  collecting.  

Organized  by  the  Australian  and  New  Zealand  Association  of  Antiquarian  Booksellers,  ANZAAB

More information:

Chelsea  Antiquarian  Book  Fair  2014  

November  7-8,  2014
Chelsea  Old  Town  Hall,  London  (United  Kingdom)

The  friendliest  and  most  approachable  event  of  the  antiquarian  book  fair  calendar:  If  you  are  already  in  the  trade,  an  existing  collector,  or  simply  curious  about  old,  antiquarian,  collectable  books,  maps  and  ephemera,  then  the  Chelsea  Antiquarian  Book  Fair  at  the  Chelsea  Old  Town  Hall  is  not  to  be  missed.

Organized  by  the  Antiquarian  Booksellers'  Association,  ABA

More information:

Save the dates! International  Antiquarian  Book  Fairs  2014  /  2015,  under the auspices of ILAB

Toronto  International  Antiquarian  Book  Fair

November  7-9,  2014
Baillie  Court  at  the  Art  Gallery  of  Ontario,  Toronto  (Canada)

The  2014  Toronto  International  Antiquarian  Book  Fair  (TIABF)  joins  the  prestigious  San  Francisco,  New  York  and  Boston  fairs  on  the  International  League  of  Antiquarian  Booksellers’  (ILAB)  2014  North  American  calendar.  As  the  only  international  antiquarian  and  collectible  book  fair  in  Canada,  the  TIABF  features  exhibitors  from  across  Europe  and  North  America.  Exhibitors  will  bring  a  wide  ranging  selection  of  books,  maps,  prints  and  manuscripts  -  including  travel  and  exploration;  natural  history,  science  and  technology;  children’s  and  illustrated;  fine  press  and  limited  editions;  modern  first  editions  and  signed  volumes.
Organized  by  the  Antiquarian  Booksellers'  Association  of  Canada,  ABAC

More information:

38th  Boston  International  Antiquarian  Book  Fair  

November  14-16,  2014
Hynes  Convention  Center,  Boston  (United  States)

The  Boston  International  Antiquarian  Book  Fair  is  one  of  the  oldest  and  most  respected  antiquarian  book  shows  in  the  United  States.  Rare  book  dealers  from  the  United  States,  England,  Germany  and  The  Netherlands  offer  rare,  collectible  and  antiquarian  books,  modern  first  editions,  manuscripts,  autographs,  maps,  atlases,  and  a  plethora  of  other  literary  ephemera.

Organized  by  the  Antiquarian  Booksellers'  Association  of  America,  ABAA

More information:

54th  Stuttgart  Antiquarian  Book  Fair

January  23-25,  2015
Württembergischer  Kunstverein,  Stuttgart  (Germany)

The  first  event  of  the  bibliophile  year:  For  more  than  50  years  the  Stuttgart  Antiquarian  Book  Fair  attracts  dealers  and  collectors  from  all  over  the  world .  Over  80  exhibitors  from  Germany,  Great  Britain,  the  United  States,  Hungary,  Switzerland,  Austria,  France  and  the  Netherlands  show  rare  and  valuable  medieval  manuscripts,  books,  autographs,  and  modern  prints.  

Organized  by  the  German  Antiquarian  Booksellers'  Association,  VDA

More information:

48th California International Antiquarian Book Fair

February 6-8, 2015
Oakland Marriott City Center, Oakland  (United  States)

"Even if you are not a collector, if you have ever read a book, it's a place to go to find out what you haven't read, or just what you haven't seen or didn't know exists" - Tony Bill. Probably the world's largest and most prestigious exhibition of antiquarian books: The California International Antiquarian Book Fair, in 2015 for the first time in a new venue: the Oakland Mariott City Center, will offer something exciting for every book lover and collector. Visitors can purchase rare items from medieval manuscripts to collectible editions of authors into the 21st century. There will be unusual books on travel and exploration, literature, the arts, science and medicine, children's books, and Americana. First, signed, and limited editions of many important authors will be present, plus collections of original photographs, prints by renowned artists from the 16th to the 21st century, and remarkable examples of book making, binding, and typography.

Organized  by  the  Antiquarian  Booksellers'  Association  of  America,  ABAA

More information:

The series of antiquarian book fairs, supported by ILAB, will continue in 2015: Next stops for bibliophiles will be Milan and Bologna (Italy), Tokyo (Japan), Scandinavia, Sydney (Australia). More dates coming soon …

Published since 28 Mar 2014