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Promote the ILAB Metasearch – with a new WordPress plugin!

Promote the ILAB Metasearch – with a new WordPress plugin!

By Jim Hinck

Recently, books, manuscripts and autographs offered by Dutch antiquarian booksellers on the website of the Nederlandsche Vereeniging van Antiquaren NVvA ( have been added to the ILAB Metasearch. And there is more great news for bibliophiles and bloggers.

Do you have a blog or website built with WordPress?  If so, ILAB has a plugin created especially for you.  Enable it on your website and the ILAB search engine will be available to everyone who comes to your site. Sitting unobtrusively in your sidebar, it will beckon all bibliophiles to explore the offerings of the world’s greatest booksellers without having to leave your domain.  iscovering this powerful search tool on your blog may even encourage some new visitors to bookmark your site and return to your home page the next time they want to look for books.

The plugin should work with almost any Wordpress blog or website which includes at least one sidebar.  Further details can be found here:

Installing the plugin is very simple.  

1.    Go to the Plugin section of your admin menu.

2.    Click the “Add New” button.

3.    Search for “ILAB Search”.

4.    Click “Install Now”

5.    Click “Activate”.

An example of a blog with the plugin already installed can be found here:

But even if you don’t have a WordPress blog of your own, consider suggesting the plugin to someone who does. They don’t need to be ILAB affiliates to install it. They don’t even need to be bibliophiles. But every site that installs our new search tool will help spread the reach of our metasearch and expand the recognition of our name.  

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

Published since 26 Jun 2014