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Hermann Hesse online - First Editions, Autographs Letters, Illustrated Books

Hermann Hesse online - First Editions, Autographs Letters, Illustrated Books

Hesse’s personal library and his literary remains were divided between the Marbach Archives (Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach) and the Swiss National Library (Berne) in 1964. The Hermann Hesse Archive in Marbach contains 6725 volumes: nearly all publications of the German author, including translations, secondary literature and parts of Hesse’s personal library. The Swiss National Library owns manuscripts, letters and personal property of Hermann Hesse, for example his spectacles or his type writers (with the italic letters Hesse very often used).  Both archives can now be browsed online.

>>> Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach

>>> Hermann Hesse at the Swiss National Library


University Library (Basle): 300 letters by Hesse and the "Dossier Hermann Hesse" by Martha Ringier

Solothurn: Hermann Hesse Collection Rosa Muggli-Isler with first editions, private printings, newspaper articles, 263 letters and postcards by Hesse

Vadiana St. Gallen: Collection Max Thomann-Vonwiller (manuscripts, letters, postcards, pictures, photograhs)

Winterthur: Collection Georg Reinhart (letters)

Zurich (Library of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology): Collection Alice Leuthold-Sprecher (Manuskripte, Briefe, Einzelausgaben)

Hermann Hesse Bibliography by Jürgen Below

International Hermann Hesse Society - Internationale Hermann Hesse Gesellschaft e.V.

Hermann Hesse Portal 

Fondazione Hermann Hesse Montagnola

Hermann Hesse Höri-Museum Gaienhofen

Hermann Hesse-Haus Gaienhofen

Published since 15 Jul 2010