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New Work on Virginia Woolf, and Literary Portraits by Carl Kohler

New Work on Virginia Woolf, and Literary Portraits by Carl Kohler

By Maureen E. Mulvihill

Commissioned by the U.S. literary magazine Rapportage, and displaying the expressionistic drawing of Virginia Woolf by Carl Kohler (Sweden), Maureen E. Mulvihill, a scholar & writer in NYC, has written an absorbing essay on the final weeks of Virginia Woolf in 1941, with special attention to the Woolfs' Hogarth Press and other book-related matters. The essay is included as a special exhibit in the traveling retrospective of Kohler’s literary portraits (bookings: Sweden, NYC, Brooklyn NY, Chicago, and Cork, Ireland). Dr Mulvihill's essay offers "a larger logic" to this famous literary suicide by situating Woolf's decision within the broader frame of many stressful circumstances during the last three months of Woolf's life. This essay is lavishly illustrated, including a Gisele Freund photo of Woolf, and photos of display cases of the Woolf show at The Grolier Club (NYC 2008) and at the Brooklyn Public Library (Brooklyn, NY 2009). This essay was also included in the recent Woolf show at Smith College, Mass. (2010). In addition to showing us a volume from her own collection of rare and special books, Dr Mulvihill provides a strong apparatus of content-rich endnotes and an Appendix of Woolf's musings on women in the world of books.

>>> Dancing on Hot Bricks - Virginia Woolf in 1941, by Maureen E. Mulvihill 

Beyond The Words - Literary Portraits By Carl Kohler (Sweden, 1919-2006): A Retrospective

The Kohler Collection includes some 50 renderings, drawn in several mediums and techniques. Selections presently at The Regenstein Library, Chicago, include portraits of 30 writers (Apollinaire, Artaud, Beckett, Cocteau, Grass, Joyce, Kafka, Miller, Nin, Oates, Tsvetejeva, Woolf, et al.) This is a traveling show whose bookings have included venues in Sweden, New York City, Brooklyn NY, Washington DC, Canada (Vancouver; Toronto), Chicago, and Cork, Ireland. Media coverage has included radio interviews and illustrated articles in The Chicago Tribune, The Chicagoist, The Irish Echo, American Poets & Writing, The National Post, NewsHour ArtBeat, Fine Art Connoisseur, etc.

University of Chicago, Regenstein Library, September - late December, 2010;

University of Cork, Boole Library, Republic of Ireland, January-March 2011.

>>> The Carl Köhler Collection - A Travelling Retrospective

Published since 21 Dec 2010