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Diamonds are a Rare Bookseller’s Best Friend

Diamonds are a Rare Bookseller’s Best Friend

Dunedin book-seller finds jewellery stash

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Sometimes it is worth more than you think. An antiquarian bookseller in Dunedin, New Zealand, found real treasures between the covers.

“Mike Hamblyn had put the book, titled The World's Best Books and published about 40 years ago, into his reject box on Wednesday but decided to leaf through it before discarding it. To his surprise, he found the book was hollowed out and contained jewellery including a cameo brooch, ring and earrings.”

He returned the jewellery to the family which had sold him six boxes of books. He received – grateful thanks and a bottle of wine.

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>>> Dunedin book-seller finds jewellery stash, in The New Zealand Herald, January 15, 2011

Published since 17 Jan 2011