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The Magic of Encyclopedia Britannica's 11th Edition

The Magic of Encyclopedia Britannica's 11th Edition
“As the last sets of the Encyclopedia Britannica prepare to sink into obscurity, there's one edition that will always remain a collector's item: the 11th. Published between 1910 and 1911, the 11th edition continues to inspire a religious reverence from its loyal adherents. The siren call of its 28 leather-bound volumes works a subtle magic on antiquarians, historians, booksellers, and scholars around the world.”

“Despite its occasional ugliness, the reputation of the 11th persists today because of the staggering depth of knowledge contained with its volumes. It is especially strong in its biographical entries. These delve deeply into the history of men and women prominent in their eras who have since been largely forgotten – except by the historians, scholars, and antiquarian booksellers who champion the 11th for this quality.“

Snippets from an article by Fine Books & Collections author Nate Pedersen in The Guardian:

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Published since 11 Apr 2012