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  • [+] More Collecting - The Serio-Comic Mapmaker Fred W. Rose 

    Collecting - The Serio-Comic Mapmaker Fred W. Rose
    Published since 20 Nov 2015

    Fred W. Rose (1849-1915) stands out as the most influential figure in the design and authorship of the so-called “Serio-comic” political cartoon map in late Victorian Britain. His remarkable maps include: A Serio-Comic War Map, 1877 (published in three slightly different versions); England on Guard, 1878; A Comic Map of the British Isles, 1880; Angling in Troubled Waters, 1899, and John Bull and his Friends, 1900. All were published in London by G W Bacon & Co.

  • [+] More Collecting Comic Strips: Fritz the Cat 

    Collecting Comic Strips: Fritz the Cat
    Published since 13 Jul 2011

    "Someone once said if you remember the sixties you didn't live them right.  Even if you did live them right, you probably still remember underground comix, Robert Crumb, and his arguably most popular character, Fritz the Cat.  (My favorite was always Mr. Natural.)" A very special collecting tip for cat lovers, by Linda Hedrick.