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  • [+] More Four of the Earliest (and Most Remarkable) Publisher's Dust Jackets 

    Four of the Earliest (and Most Remarkable) Publisher's Dust Jackets
    Published since 05 May 2015

    The subject of early dust jackets has been somewhat neglected in bookish circles. After all, how can plain (and often tattered) paper compete with a beautiful binding beneath? Yet early dust jackets have an important place in book history, one full of uncertainty and mystery. Initially, dust jackets were intended to be disposable and thus, most were discarded and destroyed. Few early examples now remain and no one knows with any certainty when dust jackets were first produced by publishers. Moreover, even in cases where early examples have survived, many later disappeared again and remain lost to this day. Below, we detail four of the earliest (and most remarkable) publisher's dust jackets.

  • [+] More Book Collecting Basics - A Brief History of the Dust Jacket 

    Book Collecting Basics - A Brief History of the Dust Jacket
    Published since 02 Feb 2015

    As most collectors are aware, a dust jacket in fine condition can greatly enhance the value of a book. Indeed, for modern first editions, a book without the dust jacket will sell for only a fraction of the price. Once intended to be temporary and disposable protection for beautifully bound books, dust jackets have become - in some ways - more valuable than the books they protect. How and when did this change occur?

  • [+] More City of Encounters 

    City of Encounters
    Published since 16 Jul 2012

    There are a number of curious things about book-jackets.  One is that after getting on for two hundred years of their history, we are still not entirely certain what to call them – dust-jackets, book-jackets, dust-wrappers, even dust-covers – all in fairly common usage, while a close study of G. Thomas Tanselle’s masterly recent study,  Book-Jackets : Their History, Forms and Use,  gives us nineteenth-century examples of ‘paper cover’, ‘slip-wrapper’ (analogous with slip-case and which I rather like), and ‘over-wrapper’, while the earliest reference I’ve seen in an author bibliography (Stuart Mason, aka Christopher Millard,  Bibliography of Oscar Wilde, 1914 – ignoring the preliminary editions) notes a number of examples of ‘loose outer wrappers’.  For my own part, I take the Tanselle line that ‘wrapper’ is a little dangerous in already having a long-established and alternative meaning in bibliography – referring to a stitched, stapled or glued and non-detachable cover, as for example on a pamphlet.

  • [+] More Book-Jackets: Their History, Form, and Use, by G. Thomas Tanselle 

    Book-Jackets: Their History, Form, and Use, by G. Thomas Tanselle
    Published since 23 Nov 2011

    Book-jackets (or "dust-jackets," as they are often called), have been regularly used in America and some European countries since the early part of the 19th century. Historians of publishing practices, however, have not accorded these detachable coverings with the scrutiny that one would expect for such a noticeable phenomenon. The new book by G. Thomas Tanselle examines dust jackets as resources for biography, bibliography, cultural analysis, and development of graphic design, while surveying their use by publishers and scholars of literature, art and book history.

  • [+] More The Picasso of Dust Jacket Design 

    The Picasso of Dust Jacket Design
    Published since 20 Oct 2011

    He brought poster, advertising, and dust jacket design out of the nineteenth century and into the twentieth, integrating the aesthetic and forms of modern art into his work. It was welcomed in England. It was rejected in the United States. In his time he was, ultimately, the most significant graphic designer in the English-speaking world. Born in Montana, USA, E[dward]. (“Ted”) McKnight Kauffer (1890-1954) was one of Europe's most prolific and influential advertising poster artists during the 1920s and 1930s, and as innovative as his French counterpart, A.M. Cassandre.

  • [+] More Rare Books in the Press - Book Collecting Basics: Ditch the Dust Jacket? 

    Rare Books in the Press - Book Collecting Basics: Ditch the Dust Jacket?
    Published since 31 Mar 2011

    "If you’ve ever purchased a hardcover book, you’re probably familiar with the dust jacket or, depending on which side of the pond you are, the dust-wrapper. Indeed, they’ve been around since the 1820’s! These paper coverings are designed to protect a book’s cloth cover as the book travels from the publisher to your bookshelf. Some readers remove their dust jackets—or even use them as bookmarks! But when it comes to rare books or collectible book, dust jackets should be treated with significant care as they often add significant value to the book."

  • [+] More Bibliographies - Dust Jackets 

    Bibliographies - Dust Jackets
    Published since 18 Dec 2009

    Online: Great War Dust Jackets - NYPL Digital Gallery - Classic Crime Fiction - Hogarth Press Illustrated Dust Jackets - Modern Library Dust Jackets and Bindings: 1917-1939 - The ModernLib ML Database  - Books for Girls - Vietnam War Literature Dust Jackets -  The Robert Weinberg Collection