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  • [+] More Collecting - Your future on the cards 

    Collecting - Your future on the cards
    Published since 04 Dec 2015

    I like things like this: a rare game of divination, published in Graz, Austria, in 1846, which shows the international legacy of Marie-Anne Lenormand, who had died three years before. Marie-Anne Lenormand (1772–1843) was a clairvoyant, publisher, and self-publicist extraordinaire.  Orphaned at an early age, she was raised in a Benedictine convent where she first came to believe in her powers of fortune-telling ...

  • [+] More Mystery Writer Solves Centuries-Old Mystery 

    Mystery Writer Solves Centuries-Old Mystery
    Published since 16 Nov 2012

    Few people have heard of Elizabeth Mackintosh, even those familiar with her work.  She’s a mystery; she’s a writer of mysteries; she’s a mystery writer read by people who don’t like mysteries.  Significantly, she solved a five-hundred-year-old mystery. Playwright and author, she died in 1952 at the age of fifty-five.  Born and raised in Inverness, Scotland, Mackintosh was trained as a physical training instructress, and taught for eight years at various schools in Scotland and England.  When her mother died she quit to stay and take care of her invalid father.  She started to write while tending him and sold some stories.  She also began to seriously study playwriting and theater.