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  • [+] More Rare Books in the Press - A Mozart Mystery: Sonata Manuscript Surfaces in Budapest 

    Rare Books in the Press - A Mozart Mystery: Sonata Manuscript Surfaces in Budapest
    Published since 03 Oct 2014

    “For Balazs Mikusi, a young Hungarian musicologist, it was the find of a lifetime. Leafing through folders of unidentified manuscripts at the National Szechenyi Library in Budapest recently, he came across four pages of what looked to him like Mozart’s handwriting. As he read through the music, he told Agence France-Presse, he realized that he had stumbled onto Mozart’s own score of the Piano Sonata in A, K.331 – one of the best-known Mozart sonatas because of its “Rondo alla Turca” finale. To verify his impression Mr. Mikusi showed a copy of the score to Ulrich Leisinger, the director of the Mozarteum Foundation in Salzburg, and Neal Zaslaw, the editor of the new Köchel catalog of Mozart’s works. Both agreed that the writing was Mozart’s …” Most spectacular finds of rare books and manuscripts nowadays happen by chance. A Hungarian scholar had such a lucky moment, when he worked in the National Szechenyi Library in Budapest and discovered - a Mozart manuscript.

  • [+] More Collecting Music - The Archive of Universal-Edition 

    Collecting Music - The Archive of Universal-Edition
    Published since 23 Jan 2014

    The arts, the book and music – interesting for collectors are artistically designed books by music publishers. Until now this subject was often neglected, whereas the design of CD and vinyl covers was discussed in detail. ECM records, for example, has published a two volume book on the art and design of their CD booklets. And Kompakt Records presented its record and CD designs at the Art Cologne in 2013. But what about music editions and arts? Veronika Pfolz gives insight into a fascinating field of collection: the wonderful works published by the Universal-Edition, which was founded in the 1901 by Emil Hertzka and has become one of the best publishers of contemporary music.

  • [+] More Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - Jenny Lind in London 

    Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - Jenny Lind in London
    Published since 11 Sep 2013

    I like to try and find material relating to the history of performance, both in music and the theatre, and my library customers in particular are always looking for things they can use for exhibitions, for teaching, or to attract researchers.  In other words, the unique.  Here is one such book. Bound in black morocco by W. S. Johnson, it is a careful contemporary record of the 1849 season at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London.

  • [+] More Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - The Ring Comes to London 

    Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - The Ring Comes to London
    Published since 08 May 2013

    Swimming Rhine maidens, by special permission of H.M. the King of Bavaria – Wagner’s “Ring” came to London in 1882. "He planned to open his campaign in London, and visited in October 1881 to inspect the stage at Her Majesty’s Theatre, and again in April 1882 with his entire technical staff, just a month before the first performance was to take place.  Although the Theatre was in theory ready, it reneged on its contract and it fell to Neumann to arrange everything, from the orchestra and chorus to the advertising (presumably why the flyer here was printed in Leipzig), even the carpets in the foyer."

  • [+] More Books from the Shelf - Rare Book Talks in Budapest 

    Books from the Shelf - Rare Book Talks in Budapest
    Published since 14 Sep 2012

    Adam Bosze, President of the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of Hungary (MAE), is a specialist in books and manuscripts on music from 15th to 20th century. His shop is located in Budapest, but he also exhibits at the major international antiquarian book fairs. Besides being an antiquarian bookseller, he is also a TV and radio journalist, who talks and writes about books and music in television, on the radio and in his blogs in the Internet. From the beginning of October onwards, every first and last Wednesdays of each month Adam Bosze will be talking about the books on music he finds interesting. The books he will talk about are from the shelves of his antiquarian book shop in Budapest. They may be boring or absolutely fascinating, depending on the audience’s taste, but they will all be worth discussing.

  • [+] More Humperdinck’s „Hänsel und Gretel“ - Kitalálta, megcsinálta: A mai "Jancsi és Juliska" elé 

    Humperdinck’s „Hänsel und Gretel“ - Kitalálta, megcsinálta: A mai "Jancsi és Juliska" elé
    Published since 06 Apr 2012
    The German composer Engelbert Humperdinck (1854-1921) is best known for his opera "Hänsel und Gretel". He began working on it in Frankfurt in 1890. He first composed four songs to accompany a puppet show his nieces were giving at home. Then, using a libretto loosely based on the version of the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, he composed a “Singspiel” of 16 songs. The opera premiered in Weimar on 23 December 1893, under the baton of Richard Strauss, who called it "a masterpiece of the highest quality”. With its synthesis of Wagnerian techniques (Humperdinck had assisted Wagner 1880/81 in his production of Parsifal) and traditional German folk songs, Hänsel und Gretel was an overwhelming success. In 1923 the London Royal Opera House chose it for their first complete radio opera broadcast. Eight years later, it was the first opera transmitted live from the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Eduard Hanslick, a Bohemian-Austrian music critic, attended the premiere of „Hänsel und Gretel“ in Vienna. The former supporter, then severe critic of Richard Wagner published his impressions of Humperdinck’s opera in 1894. Adam Bösze has translated the text into the Hungarian language for his blog on rare books and the history of music.
  • [+] More I’ve got divorced - Elváltam 

    I’ve got divorced - Elváltam
    Published since 19 Sep 2011
    Books are our companions, not only in an intellectual, not in a mere economical sense. We touch them, we admire their beauty, some of them are the one and only love of our rare book dealing lives. And then, there is the moment when we have to split up. The book is - sold.
  • [+] More Music Manuscripts Online - The Morgan Library and Museum 

    Music Manuscripts Online - The Morgan Library and Museum
    Published since 17 Dec 2010

    More than forty celebrated music manuscripts from the extraordinary permanent collection of Morgan Library will be available online for the first time. The website Music Manuscripts Online officially launches on Monday, December 20, 2010. The goal of the is to create and to provide online access to high-quality images and descriptions of music manuscripts owned by The Morgan Library & Museum. More than 900 manuscripts containing approximately 42000 pages have been digitized and described. These include works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms, Frederic Chopin, Claude Debussy, Joseph Haydn, Franz Liszt, Gustav Mahler, Mozart, Puccini, Schubert, and Schumann.

  • [+] More Collecting Music in Hungary 

    Collecting Music in Hungary
    Published since 14 Dec 2010

    I procrastinated writing this text for a very long time, and I spent the last few weeks wondering why it was so hard to write about what I do. After some self-scrutiny it became clear that primarily, it was my laziness that prevented me from doing so. At the same time, I was also forced to realize that I would have to be painfully honest in this article, if I really intended to provide an authentic picture of collecting music in Hungary. It makes sense to start with institutional collections since private clients only rarely spend money on old sheet music, books on music and authographs.

  • [+] More Bach Digital – Johann Sebastian Bach’s Autograph Manuscripts 

    Bach Digital – Johann Sebastian Bach’s Autograph Manuscripts
    Published since 15 Jul 2010

    Johann Sebastian Bach's autograph manuscripts and original parts in a digital library. Participating partners are the Berlin State Library, the Bach-Archive Leipzig and the Saxon State Library, Dresden State and University Library. The sources will be digitized by 2011, encompassing 90 % of the worldwide remaining manuscripts.