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  • [+] More „Vom Autographensammeln" - The First Modern Handbook on Autograph Collecting 

    „Vom Autographensammeln" - The First Modern Handbook on Autograph Collecting
    Published since 21 Feb 2011

    „Vom Autographensammeln. Versuch einer Darstellung seines Wesens und seiner Geschichte im deutschen Sprachgebiet" was written by Günther Mecklenburg in 1963. It was the first modern handbook on autograph collecting - and still is THE German book on this subject. In various chapters the author describes all the basics of autograph collecting, gives definitions of common terms and abbreviations used in catalogues as well as a list of relevant bibliographies, catalogue raisonnés and archives. Günther Mecklenburg explains how autograph collections are built, how they are described and valuated. He lists resources to identify the handwritings of artists, authors, politicians and scientists and gives valuable advice how to differentiate between the original autograph and forgeries.

  • [+] More Paul Kainbacher, Die Erforschung Afrikas. Die Afrika-Literatur über Geographie und Reisen 1486 – 1945 

    Paul Kainbacher, Die Erforschung Afrikas. Die Afrika-Literatur über Geographie und Reisen 1486 – 1945
    Published since 04 May 2010

    Paul Kainbacher’s bibliography is „the“ standard work for dealers, collectors, and scientists who are specialised in geography, travel, ethnology and natural sciences. It comprises – almost completely – the whole German literature on Africa written between the years 1500 and 1945. The first edition, printed in 2002, was an immediate success, highly esteemed as the first bibliography on the travel and exploration of Africa. Until 2009 three more editions appeared. The recent 4th edition is widely enlarged and corrected. It contains more than 6500 books and separately printed articles on politics, history, geography, geology, zoology, botany, archaeology, mission work, the colonial empires etc., referring to Africa. Kainbacher’s African bibliography is structured alphabetically from A to Z, according to the authors’ names. Every item is described in detail with author, title, publisher, the number of editions, the year(s) of publication, the number of pages, plates and illustrations as well as hints to other bibliographies and encyclopaedias. Kainbacher even mentions the “rarity” of a book (rare, very rare, extremely rare), although he himself admits that the rarity of a work cannot be measured by the number of offers in auctions during the past 50 years or its occurrence in internet databases. Dr. Paul Kainbacher is a member of the Austrian Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association (VAO). After several journeys to Africa, many years of research and the publication of numerous articles and books he is a well-known specialists on rare books about the history and the culture of the African continent.

    Paul Kainbacher: Die Erforschung Afrikas. Die Afrika-Literatur über Geographie und Reisen 1486 – 1945. Eine Bibliographie von A – Z.

    The 4th edition of his Africa Bibliography is available as a printed book and as a pdf file. The online version will be revised, enlarged and corrected every three months. You can browse the chapters A to C on, the whole bibliography can be found on Dr. Paul Kainbacher’s website.

  • [+] More Michael Trenkle, Fachbegriffe im Antiquariat 

    Michael Trenkle, Fachbegriffe im Antiquariat
    Published since 02 Mar 2010

    From „A“ for „Abklatsch“ to „Z“ for „Zinkdruck“. Michael Trenkle has compiled a glossary of terms commonly used in the antiquarian book business. He includes – and explains exactly – graphic techniques as well as different kinds of paper, cloth or leather, typography, the methods and the history of printing and book binding. An excellent resource for rare book descriptions, and the best German glossary about the terms of the trade.

    Michael Trenkle, Fachbegriffe im Antiquariat. Verband Deutscher Antiquare 2010

    “Fachbegriffe im Antiquariat” was first published in the Handbook 2009/2010 of the German Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association and can be browsed on the VDA website. It is presented here by permission of Michael Trenkle (Patzer & Trenkle) and the VDA.

    Download file: 206_Trenkle.pdf
  • [+] More Anne Lamort, La Bibliophilie 

    Anne Lamort, La Bibliophilie
    Published since 18 Dec 2009

    Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur La Bibliophilie, sans jamais avoir osé le demander - Everything you've always wanted to know about rare bookselling, and never dared to ask. A scholarly and charming book, in a most elegant binding, which explains the terms and customs of the antiquarian book trade. Click above for a pdf version or contact Anne Lamort for a printed copy.

    Anne Lamort, La Bibliophilie

    "La Bibliophilie" (Paris 2009) is presented here by permission of Anne Lamort. Thank you very much.

  • [+] More John Carter, ABC for Book Collectors 

    John Carter, ABC for Book Collectors
    Published since 07 Dec 2009

    "Like all good reference books, the ABC for Book Collectors conveys much in a little, sets limits to its subject and keeps within them, and - saving grace - treats that subject with individuality as well as authority, in a style at once concise, forthright and witty. It is, in short, a masterpiece, whose merits are acknowledged by the fact that it has never, in forty years, been out of print." (Nicolas Barker in his introduction to the revised edition of the "ABC for Book Collectors", Oak Knoll Press 1995)

    John Carter, ABC for Book Collectors

    The ABC for Book Collectors is presented here, with our thanks, by permission of Bob Fleck, Oak Knoll Press.

    Nicolas Barker about the ABC for Book Collectors

  • [+] More Edgar Franco, Dictionary of Terms 

    Edgar Franco, Dictionary of Terms
    Published since 07 Dec 2009

    In English, French, German and Italian. "Contrary to common practice, this dictionary contains as few words as possible. I have limited the terms, to those used by antiquarian booksellers, which are not to be found in the usual bilingual, trilingual, or multilingual dictionaries. "

    Edgar Franco, Dictionary of Terms and Expressions Commonly Used in the Antiquarian Book Trade

    Edgar Franco's "Dictionary" was published by the ILAB in 1994. It is available as a pdf file, and as a print version.

  • [+] More Bernard M. Rosenthal, Dictionary of Abbreviations 

    Published since 01 Dec 2009

    “German and Italian antiquarian booksellers and auctioneers are very fond of using abbreviations in their catalogs, sometimes on a rather lavish scale. This enables them to convey a large amount of information in a relatively short space, but readers not completely fluent in those languages are likely to be left somewhat bewildered, even discouraged, by strings of vowels and consonants occurring either singly or in unfamiliar combinations in the midst of what would otherwise be a fairly comprehensible text. For them, this little dictionary, the first one of its kind, I think, may come in handy. Each abbreviation is followed by the full resolution of the German and Italian word and by its English translation, in most cases with one or more examples illustrating the context and the combinations in which the abbreviation is most likely to occur.”

    Bernard M. Rosenthal, A Dictionary of Abbreviations Commonly Used by German and Italian Antiquarian Booksellers and Auctioneers

    Bernard M. Rosenthal’s Dictionary was published by the League in 1993. All ILAB publications are obtainable from ILAB booksellers, from the offices of the national associations, or from our agent, Scott Brinded, 17 Greenbanks, Lyminge, CT18 8HG, Great Britain, Tel. (01303) 86 22 58, Fax (01303) 86 26 60