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  • [+] More Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - Carried Away 

    Collecting Rare Books and First Editions - Carried Away
    Published since 26 Mar 2015

    People tend to get carried away by the romance of old books and paper, and it's easy to see why. The thrill of the hunt, the joys discovery, and the marvelous stories locked up in dusty old letters, journals, and books provide a perfect escape – an antidote to the stresses of our daily lives. Unfortunately, overworked librarians and book dealers often find that their interaction with books and manuscripts devolves into an insistent time/money proposition. As much as we'd like to linger over an ancient text, or just sit down and read the damned thing, we've got to get that bugger cataloged and shelved. There's work to be done! We wind up stressing out over the very things that should be affording us relief. So it's a delight when, every once in a while, something comes along that is so arresting and charismatic that it commands our complete attention and gobbles up our time, productivity be damned.

  • [+] More The Antiquarian Book Trade - House Calls and Archives 

    The Antiquarian Book Trade - House Calls and Archives
    Published since 02 Dec 2014

    The other things that stopped coming in the door (besides annoying retail time wasters and desperately needed cash), were books. I'd gotten quite used to the steady flow of material that drifted in over the transom, and the house calls that resulted from having a used book shop on a busy street. Indeed, one of the primary functions of my several shops had been to serve as billboards for people who had books to sell. When that was gone, so were they. Rare books are called “rare” because there aren't many of them. Consequently, house calls for rare books generally consist of long journeys to heft and haggle over a single ancient tome, or maybe two or three – hardly ever more than a couple of boxes.

  • [+] More Rare Book Catalogues - To E or Not to E 

    Rare Book Catalogues - To E or Not to E
    Published since 07 Nov 2014

    A few years ago, in the course of one of my hyper-dramatized but mostly benign financial panics, I decided to stop issuing printed catalogs. Though I loved, and was proud of, my catalogs, they cost nearly of $4 each, and seemed to serve primarily as a vehicles for frustrated customers to complain about my grossly unfair manner of distributing them, or excuses for non-ordering pedants to inform me of the many grammatical and spelling errors they contained. ... Read Greg Gibson's plea for the printed catalogue!

  • [+] More The Rare Book Trade - "Govern Yourselves Accordingly" 

    The Rare Book Trade - "Govern Yourselves Accordingly"
    Published since 17 Oct 2014

    This was supposed to have been a review of last weekend's Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair. But the event went so smoothly, and was such a success, that there isn't really much to say about it. Load in and setup proceeded without a hitch. The venue was roomy and well lit, and a steady and enthusiastic crowd kept us on our toes all weekend, dealing with librarians, private collectors and even a smattering of that most sought after demographic, young people.

  • [+] More Antiquarian Book Fairs - Paper Town 

    Antiquarian Book Fairs - Paper Town
    Published since 23 Sep 2014

    It was a beautiful morning, one of the last fine days of the summer, with trees just beginning to turn the corner toward the explosion of colors that precede winter's monotone. But instead of going into the woods, where I know the swamp maples along the brook are already flashing their pinks and deeper reds, I got in my car and drove to Paper Town.

  • [+] More Not This Time - 55th Annual Rare Books and Manuscript Librarian's Preconference 

    Not This Time - 55th Annual Rare Books and Manuscript Librarian's Preconference
    Published since 03 Jul 2014

    Where do you start with a place like Vegas? Bally's Hotel and Casino is hosting the 2014 Moose International convention and dealing with a chronic shortage of aquatic plant life, willow shoots, and other forage. Hairy guys with backwards baseball caps. Old men and their leisurewear. Fatties in mobile chairs work away, tethered to slot machines. A Bally's credit card at the other end of the line drips the money in and out. The tether prevents the card from being stolen, lost, or forgotten. Sorry, sir, no photographs. What is the plural of Moose ? Do the International Moose employ it?

  • [+] More The Rare Book Trade - Let it Bleed! 

    The Rare Book Trade - Let it Bleed!
    Published since 11 Jun 2014

    Back in the Stone Age, which is where I'm from, if you made your living in the used book trade, you had a shop or you worked in one. Oh, there were a few people who were smart enough to make their livings as book scouts – selling quality material to dealers and institutions – or organized enough to run mail order search services, which found obscure tomes for customers and quoted books to want ads in places like AB Magazine. Most of us, though, had open shops. These places served as many functions as we owners could contrive - social centers, store rooms, tax writeoffs, financial burdens, places of escape and, of course, the base of operations for whatever book scouting or mail order we might do to supplement our off-the-street incomes.

  • [+] More The Rare Book Trade – Transhumance 

    The Rare Book Trade – Transhumance
    Published since 03 Jun 2014

    What could be more mysterious than the irresistible signals sent by the turning of the seasons? Now the days lengthen as the sun proceeds toward its summer destiny. The lilac has come into bloom and faded. The shad bush has leafed out. Alewives struggle upstream, and elvers wriggle down to the sea. The IRS has been paid, the soldiers honored, and the peas planted. Like a salamander crawling out of the muck, I obey nature's call and head north – part of a transhumance that has been taking place since the beginning of bookseller chronicles. It's time for another New Hampshire book fair.

  • [+] More New York - Promoter Predicts Catastrophe in 2015 

    New York - Promoter Predicts Catastrophe in 2015
    Published since 08 Apr 2014

    As if to compensate for the ever-increasing expense and physical difficulty of this event, the material on display this year was better than I've ever seen it. Books, maps, and manuscripts were dazzling. And, not to put too fine a point on it, the bucks were flowing. No one I spoke to had a ruinous fair, and even the people with only "so so" results were talking sums well into five figures. So, for almost all exhibitors at the big show, it was "mission accomplished." ...

  • [+] More Decisions, Decisions - 54th Annual New York Antiquarian Book Fair 

    Decisions, Decisions - 54th Annual New York Antiquarian Book Fair
    Published since 02 Apr 2014

    This is always a rough week for me. The New York International Antiquarian Book Fair is hauling into view (April 2-6), and there are decisions to be made. What stays? What goes? It's the biggest fair on the circuit and it has the greatest upside in terms of profit potential and meeting new customers. It's also the most expensive of the American fairs, and big city livin' is a real drain on the pocket book.