Definition of term:: Associazione Librai Antiquari d'Italia (ALAI)

  • Associazione Librai Antiquari d'Italia (ALAI)
    120 antiquarian booksellers belong to the Associazione Librai Antiquari d'Italia (ALAI). It was established in 1947 and joined the ILAB a year later. Current president Umberto Pregliasco organizes the 39th ILAB Congress and the 23rd International Antiquarian Book Fair in September 2010 that will certainly attract hundreds of booksellers and bibliophiles to Bologna. On an autumn day in 1947, a small group of book dealers met in Milan to give life to the Circolo dei Librai Antiquari. They were not many, but they were set on granting a cultural dignity to the trade of antiquarian bookselling, on fostering friendship and understanding with foreign colleagues, on cooperating with libraries and institutions for the conservation of cultural property, and on providing collectors with a code of ethics that guaranteed a fair and professional relationship between rare book dealers and their customers. In 1971, the members of the association had increased when the Circle became the Associazione Librai Antiquari d'Italia. The ALAI organizes an antiquarian book fair each fall in different Italian towns like Bologna, Milan, Turin, Venice or Florence. See