Definition of term:: Norsk Antikvarbokhandlerforening (NABF)

  • Norsk Antikvarbokhandlerforening (NABF)
    Vidar Wangsmo is president of the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of Norway or Norsk Antikvarbokhandlerforening (NABF). Established in April 1942 by Jørgen W. Cappelen (Cappelens Antikvariat), Damms Antikvariat and Norlis Antikvariat and others, the NABF joined the League in 1948 and counts 19 affiliates at the moment. Rules are strict for applicants: They must have five years of practise as antiquarian booksellers and need recommendation from at least two NABF members. As ILAB affiliates they adhere to the Code of Ethics and Good Practice. The NABF participates in a cooperative online project of the Nordic rare booksellers: is an internet database for all Scandinavian ILAB affiliates with over 1.572.000 titles. See