Definition of term:: Associação Brasileira de Liveiros Antiquarios (ABLA)

  • Eight rare booksellers from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo belong to the Associação Brasileira de Livreiros Antiquários (ABLA), whose president is Ana Maria Bocayuva de Miranda Jordão. The ABLA was established in 1945 by Walter Geyerhahn, his brother Stefan Geyerhahn and Erich Eichner, proprietors of the "Livraria Editora KOSMOS" that had been located in Rio de Janeiro since 1935. Among the dozens of important 19th century works re-edited by Livraria Kosmos was the highly acclaimed "Bibliografia Brasiliana", which was written by Rubem Borba de Moraes. The Brazilian Association joined the League in 1954. All ABLA booksellers strictly adhere to the ILAB Code of Ethics. Their motto is: Competence, Reliability, and Tradition. The founder of the ABLA, Walter Geyerhahn, was president until his death in 1990. Patrick Levy, a partner of the 53 year-old "Livraria Susan Bach", succeeded him until 1994, when Ana Maria Bocayuva de Miranda Jordão of Sebo Fino Livraria Antiquaria assumed the presidency. Sebo Fino was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro.