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  • [+] En savoir plus Collecting Rare Books and First Editions: E. B. White 

    Collecting Rare Books and First Editions: E. B. White
    Publié depuis le 07 sept. 2010

    White produced rare and collectible books in a number of fields - his early books of humor with a decidedly New Yorker flavor - The Lady is Cold (1929, poetry, as "E.B.W.") and Is Sex Necessary? (1930, with James Thurber). His serious essays, written for The New Yorker and Harper's, such as One Man's Meat (1942, and a scarce title in fine condition because of its wartime vintage), and his children's books, particularly Charlotte's Web (1952) and Stuart Little (1945, the jacket for this title was apparently unchanged except for the price over the first few printings, so unprice-clipped jackets command a premium, and should).

  • [+] En savoir plus Collecting Harper Lee 

    Collecting Harper Lee
    Publié depuis le 27 mai 2010

    A truly fine copy of To Kill A Mockingbird (1960) is a rare bird indeed. The black portions of the jacket rub easily to white (and are prime areas for "touchup" by booksellers who should have their magic markers confiscated by the book police), the brown portions fade, and the book itself tends to "cock " or slant from the spine.

  • [+] En savoir plus Qu’est-ce qu’une édition originale ? 

    Qu’est-ce qu’une édition originale ?
    Publié depuis le 01 avril 2010

    Un débat, depuis quelques mois, jette les bibliophiles dans le trouble. Vous savez la passion qu’inspire aux amis des livres la possession d’une édition originale. Or, voici que beaucoup d’entre eux viennent de s’aviser à la longue qu’ils ne savaient plus très bien ce qu’ils aimaient, faute de s’entendre exactement sur ce que c’est qu’une édition originale.