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  • [+] En savoir plus Collecting William Faulkner 

    Collecting William Faulkner
    Publié depuis le 23 févr. 2010

    Faulkner provides opportunities for the beginning collector, and challenges for the veteran collector. After his literary reassessment in the late 1940s Faulkner's works were printed in larger numbers and collectible copies of most of his later works are readily available. Prior to this, however, Faulkner was neither widely read nor appreciated. Fine copies of his early works are particularly difficult to obtain.

  • [+] En savoir plus Collecting Authors' First Books 

    Collecting Authors' First Books
    Publié depuis le 23 févr. 2010

    Authors' "firsts" -- first appearances, first books, first works of fiction, first novels. The fame of the authors included herein varies widely: some are names virtually everyone has heard; some are writers that few people know of yet. What they share in their first or early appearances in print is that, at the time, they were almost all both relatively young and relatively unknown. The works had to stand on their own merits rather than on their authors' reputations.

  • [+] En savoir plus Collecting Books about Book Collecting 

    Collecting Books about Book Collecting
    Publié depuis le 23 févr. 2010

    The book arts and the history of printing, publishing and bookselling fall within this genre, as do books that recount the trials, tribulations and triumphs of individual book collectors. Indeed, some book lovers only collect books about book collecting. Books which systematically record the physical and textual components of other books according to a set criterion are known as 'bibliographies'.

  • [+] En savoir plus Collecting Cricket Fiction 

    Collecting Cricket Fiction
    Publié depuis le 23 févr. 2010

    Cricket fiction may seem a small subject, but a collection could rapidly and relatively cheaply grow to several hundred items dating from 1820 to 2008. Among the earliest items would be In School and Out of School (1825) which contains a description of the game and an illustration, and Mary Mitford’s Our Village (also published in the 1820’s).

  • [+] En savoir plus Collecting European Books on China 

    Collecting European Books on China
    Publié depuis le 23 févr. 2010

    Books about China took educated Europe by storm in the 16th and 17th centuries. One of the earliest significant works is Dell'historia della China by Juan González de Mendoza, published in 1586. The Jesuit contribution to European understanding of China is impossible to over estimate ...

  • [+] En savoir plus Collecting Early French Voyages to Australia 

    Collecting Early French Voyages to Australia
    Publié depuis le 23 févr. 2010

    Although the importance of French voyages to Australian and Pacific waters has always been well understood, recent years have seen a real reappraisal of their importance and their published voyage accounts have become keenly sought by collectors. The French voyage accounts are particularly prized as rich sources of natural history, whether it is the ethnographic portraits from the Baudin voyage of 1800-1804, or the beautifully detailed folio atlases of Freycinet, Duperrey, or DumontDurville ...

  • [+] En savoir plus Collecting Egyptology and Ancient History 

    Collecting Egyptology and Ancient History
    Publié depuis le 23 févr. 2010

    The science of Egyptology commenced in the late 18th century, when Napoleonic troops entered Egypt, fought the Battle of the Embabeh and General Bonaparte, observing the Pyramids, famously stated 'Comrades, forty centuries look down upon us'. Napoleon included savants (learned men) in his Egyptian entourage, who described what they saw. This became the famous Description de la Egypte which spurred an interest in Egyptology in Europe ...

  • [+] En savoir plus Collecting Antarctica 

    Collecting Antarctica
    Publié depuis le 23 févr. 2010

    Antarctica was the last continent to be discovered and explored, although its existence had been conjectured from ancient times. Captain James Cook was possibly the first to sight Antarctica, on his second voyage with the ships Resolution and Adventure in 1774, but the first recorded landing on the continent did not occur until over 120 years later, on Borchgrevink's British Antarctic Expedition. Captain Scott's two expeditions, and those of Shackleton, Amundsen, Mawson and others, soon followed in the early twentieth century and the spaces on the map were gradually filled in, and scientific work done, in the succeeding decades ...

  • [+] En savoir plus 43d California Book Fair Coda: Happy Trails 

    43d California Book Fair Coda: Happy Trails
    Publié depuis le 22 févr. 2010

    A mysterious stranger appears at the 43d California International Antiquarian Book Fair and blesses exhibitors left and right by spending over one million dollars on Bibles. Astonishing, a marvel indeed, but not a supernatural event. Or was it?

  • [+] En savoir plus A Growing Antiquarian Book Market at the Hong Kong Antiquarian Bookfair 

    A Growing Antiquarian Book Market at the Hong Kong Antiquarian Bookfair
    Publié depuis le 19 févr. 2010

    "Just think of me as a black hole into which you can throw offers of everything in this area and I will buy all I don't have".