2017 ILAB Presidents' Meeting Copenhagen 

Every year, the presidents of all 22 national antiquarian bookseller’s associations that form the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB), meet at the Presidents' Meeting. In September 2017, the Danish Antiquarian Bookseller’s Association, ABF has invited the international rare book trade to Copenhagen. This will be a week of formal meetings with reports and updates from each country, but it is also a week of exchanging ideas with colleagues, networking and a programme to visit some of Copenhagen’s cultural and bibliophile treasures! Read further. 

43rd ILAB Congress & Book Fair  in L.A. from  3 - 11 Feb 2018

Hosted and organised by the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America, ABAA, the 43rd ILAB Congress will take place from 3 -11 Feb 2018 in Los Angeles, Pasadena. 

Register and join booksellers from all corners of the world!

Bookseller's Testimonials:

Now is the time for the revival of the ILAB Congress - A veteran's ramblings by Keith Fletcher 

Cologne was my first one - by Sabine Keune 


Following the ILAB Presidents' Meeting in Copenhagen in September 2017
, the Antiquarian Booksellers Assocaition of Denmark, Den Danske Antikvarboghandlerforening is inviting booksellers and collectors to participate and visit the 2017 Scandinavian Antiquarian Book Fair from 28 - 30 September. Once again, the fair will be held in the old Library Hall in the magnificent Round Tower right in the centre of Copenhagen.  

The Dutch Association of Antiquarian Bookdealers (NVvA) is pleased to announce the 37th Amsterdam International Antiquarian Book Fair to be held from 30 September -  1st October. The fair offers space to 40 ILAB affiliated booksellers and its new location, in the centre of Amsterdam is a stone’s throw away from the recently reopened Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. 

For more information about upcoming, ILAB affiliated fairs and related events, please go here.  

ILAB Library - All You Need To Know About Rare Books and the Antiquarian Book Trade

Robert Wright, President of ABAC on bookselling in Canada 

Published since 18 September 2017

...There will be a considerable amount of interesting Canadiana at the Toronto Antiquarian Book Fair.  Material offered for sale will include rare books, maps, photographs, prints and ephemera on subjects such as early exploration and the arctic. There will also be important literary works by major Canadian writers including Leonard Cohen, Margaret Atwood, Alice Munro and L.M. Montgomery. Canada has a rich private press tradition, and there will be a good selection of finely printed books represented at the fair. The fair will provide a tremendous selection of antiquarian books in a world class setting, and I encourage everyone to attend!

Read the full article here. 

NEW: ILAB Mentoring Programme

Are you a young or recently established antiquarian bookseller?

ILAB has recently launched an International Mentoring Programme to help booksellers throughout the world by offering support and counselling on a one to one basis in the early days of a career. 

For all information and an updated list of mentors, please go here

Submissions for the 2018 ILAB Prize for Bibliography have now closed and can be viewed online! 

The 17th ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography will be awarded in 2018 and is one of the most prestigious prizes in the field of bibliography.
Every fourth year ILAB detects and awards a particularly significant reference work within a selection of scholarly books about books published in the previous years. 

View submissions for the 2018 Prize here

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  • Venator & Hanstein - Autumn Sales

    22 Sep 2017 - 23 Sep 2017

    Venator & Hanstein - Autumn Sales

    For sixty years Venator & Hanstein has been part of the leading companies in book and print auctions. The beginnings of Venator & Hanstein go back to the 1930s when the idea was created...

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  • Mécanisme de la physionomie humaine ou analyse électro-physiologique de...


    Bookseller: Hugues de Latude

    Mécanisme de la physionomie humaine ou analyse électro-physiologique de l'expression des passions
    Baillière, Paris 1862 - Grand in-8. [265 x 180 mm] Collation : VI, (2), 70, XI, 194 pp., 1 portrait-frontispice et 91 planches hors-texte.... More

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    Price: 30010.00 EUR

  • Renati Des Cartes Principiorum Philosophiæ Pars I, & II, More Geometrico...

    SPINOZA [Benedict].

    Bookseller: Athena Rare Books ABAA

    Renati Des Cartes Principiorum Philosophiæ Pars I, & II, More Geometrico demonstratæ Accesserunt Ejusdem Cogitata Metaphysica.
    Johannem Riewerts, Amstelodami [Amsterdam] 1663 - TP + [i]-[vii] = Præfatio + [viii] = Ad Librum + [ix]-[xiv] = Index + 1-90 + [91] = half-title _... More

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    Price: 12500.00 USD

  • Harvard Class of 1870 Photographic Yearbook

    Harvard University) [Warren, George Kendall, photographer]

    Bookseller: James Cummins Bookseller, ABAA

    Harvard Class of 1870 Photographic Yearbook
    Harvard University, [Cambridge 1870 - Harvard's First Black Graduate, One of the "Talented Tenth" Of particular interest is the portrait of Richard... More

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    Price: 12500.00 USD

  • Livre-tableau contenant des exercices d'articulation et de lecture sur les...


    Bookseller: Hugues de Latude

    Livre-tableau contenant des exercices d'articulation et de lecture sur les lèvres, pour l'emploi du mode simultané dans l'enseignement de la parole aux sourd-muets
    Procure générale des Frères, Paris 1878 - In-plano. [530 x 390 mm] Collation : (40) pp. Cartonnage imprimé bleu de l'éditeur.... More

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    Price: 15010.00 EUR

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  • First Impressions – Anne Lamort and Liam McGahern at the 39th Congress of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers

    First Impressions – Anne Lamort and Liam McGahern at the 39th Congress of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers

    Colleagues, accomplices, competitors, guests, in short, happy. Absents are, as ever, wrong. Come on, I do have to confess that it was my first ILAB Congress, and that it took some of Neveen Marshiset’ enthousiasm to convince me to leave my beloved bookshop. My thanks go to her ! This congress has turned out to be an opportunity to discover Bologna and its region. But not only that. I have to add the multiple encounters with professionals from all over the world, and even with amateurs who had joined the congress. The receptions in exceptionnaly beautiful private homes, the local gastronomy and the smiling kindness of the Italians did the rest.

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  • Unprepared, Unpatriotic, and Unrepentant - again

    Unprepared, Unpatriotic, and Unrepentant - again

    I’ve recently returned from my fourth year of teaching at Rare Book School (RBS) located at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. RBS is the oldest and most prestigious teaching program devoted to rare books in the world. Every year the School runs a full program of intensive weeklong classes on specific topics germane to the rare book world. Curiously, among the faculty of some fifty-odd international authorities on rare books (and some of them are very odd indeed, myself not least among them), I am the only member who is also a rare bookseller. The vast majority of the faculty members are world-renowned scholars, rare book librarians, technical experts and so forth. What, you might ask, is RBS doing letting a rare bookseller teach a course at an institution largely devoted to the scholarly study of antiquarian books?

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  • Books stolen by Nazis to be returned

    The Guardian reports: 70 books stolen from the Social Democratic party by the Nazi regime will officially be returned on August 31, including an 1883 English edition of The Communist Manifesto thought to come from the library of Friedrich Engels. The Social Democrats, Germany's oldest political party, was outlawed after the Nazis came to power in 1933. The return of the books is part of a larger project by the Berlin library to rehome Nazi "loot". In April, it had already given ten books and three journals back to the Jewish Community of Berlin.

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  • 24th ILAB International Antiquarian Book Fair - 27th to 30th September 2012

    24th ILAB International Antiquarian Book Fair - 27th to 30th September 2012

    The World’s Best Booksellers Meet in Switzerland! The 24th International Antiquarian Book Fair presents the best of the trade. From manuscripts and incunabula to avant-garde, from Erasmus, Philipp Melanchthon and Charles Darwin to Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, DADA and the Bauhaus artists – together with the Fine Art Zurich, this most important event, supported by the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB), will change Zurich into the international market place for everything rare, extravagant and beautiful.

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  • The House Call

    The House Call

    It’s a thrilling experience, a rite of passage into the trade. A member of the public thinks so highly of your skills as a book maven, (or your status as a cash cow), that they invite you into their private space to examine, and make an offer on, their books. You get to walk around pronouncing on the current state of the market, on what’s hot and what’s not, all the while maintaining an ingratiating stream of patter that, you hope, will convince the owner that you’re a sage and trustworthy expert.

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  • "There's enough beauty in the world to keep me here” - David Spode (1936-2013)

    A couple of weeks before he died I asked David why he was so determined to hang on as long as he could. After all, we shared trenchant, dour, views of the universe, of human existence. He replied, "There's enough beauty in the world to keep me here." That didn't make me pause for thought; what did was the realisation that he was so good at sharing beauty. If I begin to count up all the things that I treasure that I learnt from David either directly or indirectly - by following leads given by him down paths of my own making - then I find myself with a tangle of debt that can't and doesn't need to be unpicked.

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